basic natural look

How minimalist of me. I challenged myself to use as few colors as possible, and the simplest contouring.  I wish I’d chosen a slightly pinkier color for my shadow-I think it would go well with the rosy lips and pale blush.  Any other fair girls?  PLEASE try Well Dressed-it is the most unbelievably natural looking shade of blush I’ve encountered in a long time!



Icy Blue/silver eye

This was done for thanksgiving, in response to another instance of me pestering the boyfriend into naming a random color combo to do.  You can’t see it, but once again, I’ve used a colored primer, to make my colors have depth, and I used a glitter eyeliner over standard black.  Side note-i hope you appreciate the dedication in naming colors, since it turns out my paintpot base was a limited edition, that had no name from me having used it so much the label wore off!  It was hard finding the name!


Pale gold vintage glamour look

Apologies for the bad pictures.  I’m back to using my old, crappy camera.  I actually really like this look.  I wish I could take close ups.


Temporary break

Updates will be fairly sparse for the next month, or six weeks. My lovely new camera’s censor blew, and its being sent back for repair! I may try taking shots with the old camera, but on the whole, they don’t show up well at all. I may write down combinations to go back and photograph later, but that’s not as much fun. I really miss my camera. Hopefully, it’ll be back even better, since the issues that make it not even remotely usable seemed to be present in smaller quantities before it blew out! Either that, or I’m just inept at picking out products and got a lemon. I doubt that that’s completely the case though.


Another crazy favorite!  I love over the top looks.  This might be a good halloween look for those of us too casual to wear this on our daily business.  Me? I love to wear it, with a bright sundress, or a fluffy skirt.

One note about the eyes-

MUFE Fuchsia Flash Cream is a REALLY creamy base-so blend it with a concealer brush, and PILE your powdered shadows on to absorb it.  It will stay on very well, and any excess shadow from application can be lightly flicked off with a bronzer brush.

It was about 7 AM when I took these pictures, so apologies for the dim closeups(i can’t use my flash with the MACRO setting to get that close) and the yellowy shots(that i COULD use the flash on!)  Darn weird lighting and weird pallor picking up light tones!  Ugh!



Soft Gold/pink smokey eye

So lately I’ve started a new game with my boyfriend. In the interests of playing with more of my collection, not just my same favorite colors and looks, I make him name a random color or colors, and qualify it, IE bright blue purple, or  red and gold.   Todays was red and gold.  As I don’t own any outright red eyeshadows, I chose to interpret that as  “dramatic lips and a warmer smokey eye”.

This one actually was very pretty in person, though considerably warmer than my usual.  I think I wasn’t thrilled with the lips, and tried a few different lipsticks.  I just need a brighter blue-red than I currently own.  You’ll notice that for the eyes, I used creme eyeshadow, as a base for the shadows to stick to. It contoured nicely, so the powdered shadows were more for texture/color, then intensity.

soft gold/pink smokey eye with Dubonnet


Soft Blue-Purple

Testing out my new camera-yay!  Ignore the funny faces. I’m just happy we can see the makeup on this one.   I still haven’t found the best even lighting for photographing this stuff that close!

Full face purple/blue, with pink gloss


Phoenix eye

This look has been a favorite for a very long time.  The trick to bringing out the colors, and making it stay forever, is in the hot pink cream base.  My eyelids are stained pink for a while afterwards, but even rubbing my eyes, it barely moved, and the colors remained bright for hours.


Bright Sunset Eye

For some reason the world may never know, nothing makes me happier than eye makeup in the tackiest of pinks.  This look is also the only one I’ve found can make me look decent in Orange.  You may notice the pictures for this look are fairly old, and my eyebrows are different now.  I think I prefer the current shape better.


Blue/teal Glittery eye

I’m a sucker for bright colors and glitter, and nothing beats Urban Decay for that!  Having just purchased Minx liquid eyeliner, and the Book of Shadows v2 during Sephora’s friends and family sale, this is one of my favorite creations with the new colors!


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