Hibiscus eye with MUFE #2 cream

So, I’m not feeling particularly creative, but wanted to try playing with a new color.  So I used the MUFE cream base in #2, to do a variation of the hibiscus eye, since I wasn’t thrilled with that one.  Blendings muddy, eyeliners shakey, but its better than nothign. Really, I’m tired enough that i only put htis one because I knew i was going in the bath in two seconds anyways.  And teh verdict on the MUFE base?  THis color works awesome, smooths out the colors over it, and this look would be a heck of a lot uglier without it.  I love MUFE.



experimental tiger eye

So, I was feeling friskier than my hands could keep up with today, and this was the result. I think it looks OK in close up, but i’m not sure I’m sold on the full face shots.  Either way, live and learn.  Considering I spent the better part of my night at work shoveling snow my coworker left without helping with, I think that my hands could have been steadier.

Also, check it out!  My piercing is back! Its been about a year since it got pulled out, and i finally got it repierced.  Gotta train myself NOT to scratch at it though-i’ve caught myself several times nearly scratching it out. Don’t wanna go through that again!


Bright fushia eyes

Not thrilled.  It looks put together and OK, but I think the blending is a bit flatter than I’d like.   maybe I should go back and blend purple into the crease, or orange into the lids.  Seems pretty enough on camera though?  Though this was RIGHT after the curls came out so i feel like a bit like Shirley Temple.  Waiting for them to relax a bit.


Mermaid eyes

So I think my other look was a bit too subdued, and decided to make this.  I’m OK with it, though I don’t think any of the pictures are great.   I had fun with the rhinestones though.  Remember–tweezers, eyelash glue, and nail gems.  I want to get more than the clear ones I have.  This would be pretty with some other colors.


vintage cateye with winged liner

So, at its heart, this is a redo of a look I did when I didn’t have my newer camera for closeups. I wanted some, so i redid it so I could. With the variation of the winged liner, of course. I’ve had some more artistic looks I need to work up to, so I’m practicing a lot on the more difficult eyeliner techniques.

I actually really like this one, although i don’t know first thing about using hot rollers, so of course my hair isn’t evenly done.  I think one of my next makeup purchases will be focusing on matte eye products.  I’m getting a bit tired of the gold shimmer in Nylon-it makes it too shimmer/pale to be an effective highlight unless REALLY blended down, and it would be nice to have some variation on the lower lid.

What do you think?  Sorry about the lighting. Its 6 AM here, so for several hours, I’ll  have nothing, or maybe a dim cloudy day.  So indoor bathroom lighting, it is!  Ugh.  Plus, I’m not really in the best shape for wearing makeup right now. Dubonnet went on all patchy because it kept catching on the chapped/chewed parts of my lips.


Bright pink/orange Hibiscus eye

Its rainy northwest, and its been awhile since I was bright.  I’m already longing for the summer, and tired of rainy gray days.


soft wine/purple eyes

So, no one ever accused me of beign the sharpest crayon in the barrel. I’m reasonably happy with how this came out, though I don’t think I’d do it again.  Still, I was not happy with the texture/pigmentation of some of the things I used(AHEM Night Fairy, I mean YOU!).  And I’m not sure that my decision to(i’m not kidding) use an eyeliner brush to apply my lipstick color AS eyeliner, setting with my powder tapped over top of it.  It looked well enough, wore decently, but was a bit of a pain.  I think i need more wines in my collection.


Blue/silver with winged liner

I wanted a lot of contrast from an icy eye, and the liner, though I don’t think this look is terribly different than some of my other blues.

This look is also to test out my most recent additions-Make Up For Ever HD finishing powder, and #5 blue tinted HD primer!  So far my foundation went on a LOT smoother, and it looks a LOT more natural.

Possibly there’s a lip color like the one i ended up with, without blending two, but HEY, my pocketbook hates me, and I like fussing so i’m HAPPY to blend it out evenly.  i actually like this color.


Autumn Eye

Not thrilled. I don’t work with oranges/browns too often, so my blending isn’t what it should be. and I think it would be better with a rosy/bronzy base, so they show up more.  Also, its bad weather that makes my hands hurt, so i could hardly apply it for shaking! As can be seen by the HUGE clump of mascara in my lower lashes.  Heh.  Plus, my eyebrows are in an EPIC state of un-groom!  Oh well, live and learn.

Side note-I hate how fast my cameras batteries die. I useit ONLY for makeup pictures, replaced them a few DAYS ago, and they already died. Plus, when they’re dying, it affects the cameras focus, so most of these aren’t completely in focus.  I don’t quite have time to do another batch though.


Bronze Smokey eye

Once again, early morning lighting to content with.  I normally avoid bronze, it has a tendency to get very warm on me, but I’m happy with how this came out.  Probably should use a peach or coral lipstick instead of Hue, but I prefer the nude pink on me, so  there we are.


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