Blue not-for-daily-wear dramatic eye

Maybe I should start a costume, or “not for street wear” section.  After some teasing from my boyfriend regarding my rarely discussed high school days as a peripheral member of the “goth” clique, and a random challange from him, we have me getting entirely too creative with my eye makeup.

Mind you, I probably should have chosen to try this look on a day when i WASN’T already experimenting with new curlers.  Overall, i I think I want this with  straight, simple hair. The curls are sloppy and a bit overwhelming, i think.  Good thing this wasn’t for an occasion!

I LOVE the eyes up close, and even from a distance they look pretty.  I just need to figure out how to balance it with the rest of the face, since my face doesn’t look proportional with bright eyes and nude lips.  Makes my jawline look bizarrely huge.

Have I mentioned I love my camera, even if i AM still having a hard time finding the best lighting for it?

The Boy and I have been joking back and forth that we can’t tell if i should feel more like a demented porcelain doll, an art deco furnishing, or a makeup advertisement.  Or maybe an oddly colored Harley Quinn.(yes, we are nerds)


MAC Greenstroke paintpot-lower lid

MAC Bare Study-blend with greenstroke, into highlight

Urban Decay Gunsmoke-outer V

Urban  Decay Jinx-crease

Urban Decay Shattered-lower lid, blended into crease

MAC Sweet Lust-highlight

Diorshow mascara

Urban Decay Minx liquid liner-straight line below lower lid

Buxomlashliner in leatherette-top lid

Too Faced Smurf You glitter liner-over Leatherette

Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero-lower waterline


MAC Gentle


MAC Cyber


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