vintage cateye with winged liner

So, at its heart, this is a redo of a look I did when I didn’t have my newer camera for closeups. I wanted some, so i redid it so I could. With the variation of the winged liner, of course. I’ve had some more artistic looks I need to work up to, so I’m practicing a lot on the more difficult eyeliner techniques.

I actually really like this one, although i don’t know first thing about using hot rollers, so of course my hair isn’t evenly done.  I think one of my next makeup purchases will be focusing on matte eye products.  I’m getting a bit tired of the gold shimmer in Nylon-it makes it too shimmer/pale to be an effective highlight unless REALLY blended down, and it would be nice to have some variation on the lower lid.

What do you think?  Sorry about the lighting. Its 6 AM here, so for several hours, I’ll  have nothing, or maybe a dim cloudy day.  So indoor bathroom lighting, it is!  Ugh.  Plus, I’m not really in the best shape for wearing makeup right now. Dubonnet went on all patchy because it kept catching on the chapped/chewed parts of my lips.


MAC Painterly-base

MAC Cork-ALL THE WAY in crease-right up to inner eye

MAC Shale-outer crease

MAC Nylon-lower lid

MAC Naked Lunch-highlight, blended into crease

Diorshow mascara

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lid, winging out from crease.


MAC Gleeful-blush


MAC Dubonnet-lipstick

MAC Plum Royale-lipliner


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