experimental tiger eye

So, I was feeling friskier than my hands could keep up with today, and this was the result. I think it looks OK in close up, but i’m not sure I’m sold on the full face shots.  Either way, live and learn.  Considering I spent the better part of my night at work shoveling snow my coworker left without helping with, I think that my hands could have been steadier.

Also, check it out!  My piercing is back! Its been about a year since it got pulled out, and i finally got it repierced.  Gotta train myself NOT to scratch at it though-i’ve caught myself several times nearly scratching it out. Don’t wanna go through that again!


MAC painterly-base

MAC Tempting-crease

MAC Cork-crease, above crease

Urban Decay Gridlock-lower lid

Urban Decay Sellout-upper lid, lower lashline

Urban Decay Twice Baked-outer corner

Urban Decay Half Baked-inner corner

Diorshow mascara

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lids, starting from wings of three points, and extending inward(start with the bottom, work up, keeping distance and thickness of lines even)  Lower lashline, right below lashline, winging downward at ends


MAC Well Dressed-blush

MAC Honor-contour


MAC Cherish

Clear/soft peach gloss(I used a Shu Uemura sample that doesn’t list a color name)


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