Pastel Coral with Bright Lips

So, i got halfway through this look, and got unhappy with the contrast between my shimmery highlight, matte crease, and shimmery lower lid.  The crease didn’t match. And ended up tweaking it to get it to come out ok.

That said, I actually was happy with this one. Its too early to have good pictures though. the color tones are all weird from the AM light.



experimental Starry Night

I’m in love with this. THe boyfriend says “Eh, its OK”.

I probably went way overboard with the rhinestones, but I liked the way the shapes echoed each other.  Not quite even though, due to Shakey hands.


vintage “Cherry blossom”

So this was a comparatively simple look, though I rushed through the blending and such. I wanted a dash more color than your usual neutral cateye, so I popped some pinky-coral into the crease.

Please ignore my horrendous brows.  They’re STILL waiting for waxing, adn in the meantime have abandoned any sensible shape. I just took to filling in the path between the bulk of the hairs, so its not at all graceful or even. Ugh.

I’ve been doing a lot of white eyeliner lately-its supposed to make the eyes look bigger and brighter, and lately I’ve been tired enough to want that(normally I think my eyes are plenty big.) Its a big enough contrast that it still jumps out at me in pictures.I don’t know if that’ a good thing.


Shimmery aqua(part 2)

So I’m a little rushed right now, so pics may come later.

This is similar to yesterdays look, just with a little more variation and blending in the crease. I really just wanted an excuse to photograph it in better light, and with more dramatic lips.


Shimmery aqua

This may be the favorite thing I’ve done in a while.  Pictures can’t really capture the shimmer of the MUFE cream silver-suffice it to say that i LOVE the depth it gives, even under colors!  my eyes look like they have water reflections on them.  Still trying to make amends with Urban Decays chunky-glittery texture.  But I’m hating that the fallout shows on my cheeks-particularly since the glitter from teh MUFE cream stays SO well!

Its still early AM, and not very well lit, so teh pictures aren’t great. I may try taking more later.


My current organization

So, makeup nerds tend to cling together, and in the course of talking about my collection, I was put through the difficult task of explaining it.

I organize my palettes in a “useable” style.  Each color can use any color touching it, easily. Lighter colors at the top, darker colors at the bottom.  I’ve also grouped the brands/shapes together, simply so i can fit them all together. Basically, the row going “down” should have the possibility for a basic look in that color family(some exceptions).  But it can ALWAYS be used with any neighboring color.

When I get more shadows, it will be redone, as I have to get a new palette. More

Coral/orange smokey eye

Is it weird that I abhor the color orange, yet i LOVE wearing orange makeup?  Its such a tacky color, but that makes it so much fun to explore how to pull it off WELL!  Plus, it tends to make my eyes pop out.  This look is fairly muted, I think its earthy/smokey, rather than “bright”.


Pastel Spring Green

So  its not as bright as I’ve been craving lately. I think Pacific Northwest winters kind of tire you out on pastels, and greys.  My favorite part is the lips-the gloss specifically.


Sunny yellow-green

I can’t say why, maybe its just because its different, But I’m really enjoying my Chartreuses, and yellow-greens.

I look really good today, I think, although my lid is doing some weird tense double-wrinkle thing in the pictures- I think i got something in my eye that had a bad reaction.  Its still sore and feels odd blinking.


Coral/gold with blue glitter

This may well be my favorite of todays looks.


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