Review: Blinc Kiss Me mascara

Years back, when the Aria we know-and-tolerate was a bright-eyed young thing just beginning to fuss with darker stage makeup, my go-to mascara was Blinc Kiss Me.  It was the first mid-range makeup mascara I owned, and was simple, utilitarian, and was not prey to the common wear issues drug store mascara tended to have under hot stage lights, and intensive dancing—smearing, melting off, flaking off, sweating…..  Kiss Me is a fiber mascara—meaning it stays PUT until you remove it with warm water.  I can cry, and it will barely budge, although if I’m too warm when I start, that heat can sometimes loosen the product.  It coats your lashes in little tubes, and those tubes slide off intact, meaning that you get no weird stains or raccoon eyes the morning after a quick removal.

I recall it was around $18 a tube, which was about par for the course for a fiber mascara(I believe Imji Fiberwig mascara goes for $25 a tube at Sephora…)  When I got a little mini of it in Sephora’s Lash sampler, I was eager to see how it held up for my older self, in usage.  It still wears very well, although nowadays, I want mascara’s with more OOOMPH.  It lengthens lashes well, and makes lashes appear thicker textured, but it does almost nothing for the overall volume, and my lashes usually look a bit sparse in it.  It’s nice for simple daily looks, but there are MUCH better options for dramatic volumized lashes.

I’d say that this works best for thin-to-medium thickness lashes, or for blending lashes with false lashes.  The formula is very pigmented.  The swatches are of the Black variety, but having owned Brown as well, I can say that both colors are VERY richly pigmented.

If you sweat a LOT, or have a particularly warm body temperature, you may want to be careful how you rub your eyes while wearing Kiss Me.  Otherwise, it won’t rub off until you rinse it off with warm water.  After rinsing my face with warm water, the easiest method I found for getting it out of my lashes was to GENTLY pinch my lashes between thumb and pointer finger , and wiggle them together while pulling outward GENTLY.  This removed the “tubes” from that section of the lashes. Repeat as needed.  Just be careful not to pull too hard, or you may remove more than the tubes.  Rinse off the face and use normal makeup remover to remove eye makeup, and remaining tubes.  But you won’t need harsh makeup removers to remove all traces of it.

The brush has fairly even, dense rows of bristles, with a bit of space in between.  It works well for coating ALL around the lashes in mascara, but it doesn’t separate, volumize, on its own.  I found it took me combing through the lashes about 6-8 times to get a full coat of mascara on my VERY thick lashes.  That’s above average. I had to push it into the lashes fairly hard to get them to mold themselves properly around it.  It’s not my favorite brush, but it DOES work for the formula.  I liked it better when my lashes were already shorter and thinner, though.

Either way, it’s a nice no-fuss mascara for make up wearers who want length, long wear, easy removal.  For thicker lashes, it’s not my favorite, and if yours are long enough, you may prefer a mascara that has more separation and volume.


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