Review: Tokidoki eyeshadow in Soya

Call me biased, but I don’t usually care for cutesy cutesy packaging.  Tokidoki eyeshadows looked cute, but I had a hard time wanting to take the brand seriously because the packages seemed so bulky, obviously done only for the aesthetic of skull-shaped eyeshadow.  Plus, I look at the sephora testers to see how well they hold up to repeated use.  These were all broken.  I got Soya as a gift, though.  The color looked so cute, I went ahead and got another one for myself.   Mine, of course, is in the line for depotting.

Soya is a striking yellow-green.  It’s surprisingly wearable, able to be paired with golds or greens.  It works better on cool skin tones, but will work well on others, depending what its paired with.  For $15 it’s a really nice color!  Urban Decay colors are $18, MAC is $15, MUFE is $20… It’s on par with similarly distributed mid-high market lines.

There’s a slight gold sheen to it, but i wouldn’t call it frosty o r shimmery.  It just… glows….  The formula reminded me a lot of Urban Decay eyeshadow, but it’s just slightly dryer textured.

No real wear or application issues.  It’s not as bright as a lot of bright bands, but it blends well in use.  This color, and Sugarpill Absinthe were MADE to go together.


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