experimental snowflake eye

So I just got my MUFE cream palette!  Expensive, but SO worth it!  My mind abounds with the possibilities!

Decided to try something with the silver base, and ended up with this. The full rhinestoning around the eyes aren’t visible-they last two along the lower lashline don’t reflect as much. I think I got lash glue on them and it dulled it a bit, and muddied the eyeliner shapes.  Would love to touch those up-the close ups you can really see how striking the contrast would be!

Also, I don’t know if i commented on my feelings on the cream blush.  I LOVE IT.  This may well be the PERFECT nude blush for us uber-fair skinned girls!  Blends well, is buildable, you just need a TEENY amount, SO very not chalky… It just looks like it melts into my skin!  This look would be GORGEOUS with a pinky toned one like Well Dressed, but I’m so totally in love with Brit Wit, that I couldn’t resist.

Anyways, here’s proof that I am a Cirque Du Soleil wannabe with my random styling.


MUFE flash cream in Silver-base for lower lid

MAC Shale-crease

Urban Decay AC/DC-outer corner

Urban Decay Asphyxia-lower part of lid

NARS Night Fairy-highlight, blend into crease

Diorshow mascara

MUFE flash cream in White-line all around eyes

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy-tap over white cream

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-line outer upper lid, winging out over white, lower lid, winging down

Rhinestones-extend between upper lash wing, and lower lash outer corner


MAC Cream Blush in Brit Wit




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