My current organization

So, makeup nerds tend to cling together, and in the course of talking about my collection, I was put through the difficult task of explaining it.

I organize my palettes in a “useable” style.  Each color can use any color touching it, easily. Lighter colors at the top, darker colors at the bottom.  I’ve also grouped the brands/shapes together, simply so i can fit them all together. Basically, the row going “down” should have the possibility for a basic look in that color family(some exceptions).  But it can ALWAYS be used with any neighboring color.

When I get more shadows, it will be redone, as I have to get a new palette.

This is my neutral palette.

Colors are as follows

Round shadows(MAC unless otherwise specified)

Top row;  Naked Lunch, Urban Decay Maui Wowie, MAC Nylon

Second row;All that Glitters, honeylust, sweetlust

Third Row; Kid, Tempting, Wintersky

Fourth(bottom) row; Cork, Satin Taupe, Shale

Square shadows(Urban Decay unless otherwise specified

Top Row; MAC Browning(brow color), MAC Porcelain(highlight color), Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Sidecar, Half Baked

Second Row; Midnight Cowboy, Nylon, Baked

Third Row; Sellout, Gridlock, Smog

Fourth(bottom) row; Ydk, Scandal, Twice Baked

Next, my Red based palette(Pink, orange, purple)

Round shadows(MAC unless otherwise specified)
First Row; Swish, Sunset B, Bath N Body Works Stormy weather(brand discontinued), Trax

Second Row;Urban Decay Asphyxia, French Cuff, Expensive Pink, Urban Decay Kiss, Urban Decay Crash

Third Row; Stars N Rockets, Paradisco, Star Violet, Sketch

Fourth(Bottom) Row; Urban Decay Flash, Sushi Flower, Red Brick, 100 Strokes, Beauty Marked

Square Shadows(Urban Decay unless otherwise specified)

First Row; NARS Night Fairy

Second Row; Sphynx, Grifter

Third Row;Last Call, extacy

Fourth(bottom) row; Roach, Mayhem

And onwards to my blue based palette!

Square shadows(Urban Decay)

First Row; Shattered,  Absinthe, AC/DC

Second Row; Jinx, Homegrown, Mushroom

THird Row; Goddess,Protest, Shakedown

Fourth(bottom) row; Perversion, Misdemeanor, Gunsmoke

Round shadows(MAC unless otherwise specified)
First Row; Bath N Body Works Sunsweet(Brand Discontinued), Juxt

Second Row; Urban Decay Strip, Urban Decay Urb, Sunny Spot, Urban Decay Flipside

Third Row; Urban Decay Mary Jane, Greensmoke, Lucky Green, Big T

Fourth(bottom) row, Urban Decay Envy, Club, Urban Decay Mildew, Freshwater

These are the MAC 15 pan palette, with the dividers removed(youtube has tutorials). As you can see, they’re nearly full, so soon I’ll be reorganizing them to accommodate another palette. I have to decide how to do it, depending on what new colors push it over the top.

Any  questions, let me know!


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