frosted bronze glamour look

I’m very happy with how this came out, though I admit, I don’t really care for wearing browns or bronzes.  And I don’t care for how they look with me, ofr the post part. I’m too pale to be able to match the rest of my face to it the way more tan tones can.

Also, I used a somewhat more complex contouring system for this eye.  I really ought to edit a picture to show it, since I use the basic theory for all of my looks, this one I simply broke down further.  On my lower lid(below crease), I separated it into three sections.  the outer 1/4, the middle 1/2, and the inner 1/4. The crease got separated into two sections, the bottom and outer 1/3, the middle 2/3.  I then used a color to blur out the top of the crease, and another color to highlight.

Trust me, it sounds more complex than it is. But I love the depth that it gave this eye.


MAC Painterly

MAC Satin Taupe-crease

Urban Decay Twice Baked-outer corner, into crease

MAC Tempting-outer 1/3 lower lid

MAC Honeylust-middle 1/2 lower lid

Urban Decay Nylon-inner 1/3 lid, above crease

MAC Naked Lunch-highlight

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon-line lower waterline and lashline

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in Demolition-line upper lid, and smudeg. Smudge into outer corner of lower lid

Diorshow mascara.


MAC Brit Wit-blush

MAC Prism-contour

MAC cream base in Pearl-highlight


MAC Viva Glam V lipstick

Pat MUFE cream in gold over with finger(or blend with sheer gloss)


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