My basic eye makeup “technique”

So, after seeing how confusing my last post got, I figured it was about time I got off my lazy tush to actually illustrate what I usually break my eye makeup down into.

You may need to enlarge the illustration to see the type-I am NOT as good with images as I would like to think.

At any rate, some of the terms overlap. I don’t always contour EVERY feature I have in here. Here’s my most common shortcuts.

Outer 1/4 of lid, darkest corner of crease-often I use one color for both of these.

Crease-I don’t usually extend it THAT far in, but i DO blend it, so hints of the color might come through. Above crease just blends with the top line of that.

Sometimes I blend the same color I highlight with at the top of the crease. Sometimes there’s an in between color for it. Usually specified as “above crease” or “highlight”, depending how far toward the brow I take the color.

I may shift the corner colors into the middle area, if I feel I want them to come through more.  Generally though, I reserve the middle section for the brightest, or shiniest, or most prominent color.

Also, I don’t usually line all the way under my eyes.  On most people, this just makes the eyes look a bit smaller.  I usually concentrate my lower waterline/lash line linings on the outer corner,  blending inward, and applying mascara to my lower lashes. to continue the “shading”  If i really feel tired, I may even line the water line with white, or brush a sheer white or pink eyeshadow on the inner lash line.

NOTE: You may want to alter this technique, depending on your bone structure. I have fairly expansive lids with a LOT of space to work.  So I can get away with a lot more contouring than someone with more hooded brow bones. General rule of thumb?  Dark colors  “eat” space and make things seem closer together.  So if your eyes are small, or your brows fairly low, this technique will exaggerate that. For that shape, I’d make the crease definition softer/thinner, use a lighter/shinier highlight, and REALLY put the splash of color/shine in the middle of the lower lid to make the eyes appear larger.   This is just what works for my face.  Don’t be afraid to alter it to better complement yours.
If there’s any questions, or anything needs clarification, leave a comment.  I have very little happening besides reading, playing with the dog, and rambling about makeup.


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