Fyrinnae Eyeshadows

I’m so thrilled!  I just got my first order from Fyrinnae, and I want to rave a bit.  Lifes been crazy, so I haven’t had the chance to use these in a look, but I did some swatches.

Note-I am a bit frugal with my pigments, and got sample sizes until I know which colors are my favorites.   That’s why I only swatched a few colors.  If you’d like to see any others specifically, leave a comment.

I LOVE Fyrinnae’s system. I’m a bit of a makeup snob,  so I actually enjoyed the anticipation waiting for my products to come. These aren’t repackaged, like many mineral makeups, these actually are handmade to your order, so there IS a lead time. That said, I ordered January 31st, which would have had a lead time until around February 18th. I found them in the box yesterday, but don’t rightly know if they might have come sooner.

I emailed with a few questions before purchasing, and got prompt replies. They were very helpful!  Plus, they included an additional sample with my order.  Very very nice customer service! I’m not thrilled that Paypal is the only payment option, but that’s understandable for the size company it is.  And really, its not an issue, beyond me having an almost irrational dislike of Paypal. I’d rather mail a check, and just wait longer.

They sell the full size colors for around 5$, the samples are in the region of $1.75(USD)  The samples I got still have PLENTY to play around with.  Here’s a comparison of their sample size, to one of my Bare Minerals loose shadows, which does admittedly have a sifter.  The little pink jar is the sample I bought of their primer.

I bought a number of colors, as well as their Pixie Epoxy, to try.

These shadows are supposed to lose some of their depth when swiped on, rather than tapped.  I did my swatches of  Android Angel patting, I did the others swiping.  There’s somewhat of a difference in the actual glitter, but for the most part they blend pretty evenly.

The Pixie Epoxy is supposed to provide a more tacky surface than atrue “primer”, thus keeping more of the glitter and color. It does seem to do this. It even pulled remnants of color out of a brush I had halfheartedly cleaned after my last look(oops).  They say you only need the SMALLEST amount you can spread over the area, and I agree. Its very creamy, slightly tacky, and spreads VERY easily.

Anyways, on to the swatches.  I used Electrokoi(orange), Bali Mynah(turquoise), and Android Angel(purple)(patted, not brushed).

The first column down is over the Pixie Epoxy.  The second column is over Urban Decay Primer Potion. The third is over bare skin.

Here’s a few shots of all of my new colors, including a closer up one so you can see the sparkly. I LOVE the variety of colors they have. I’ve been on a coral/orange kick lately, and have pretty much worn through MACS “bright n tacky” selection.

Those colors are Japan, Robot Takeover, STFU, 1.22 Gigawatts, Android angel, Avenging Salem, Electrokoi, Blue Whale, Kamikaze, Bali Mynah, and Neo Universe.

update-The links are to looks using those colors.

Quickie update-Boy, when the website warns “may stain skin” they aren’t kidding!  The pigmentation in these seems fairly moist.  I tried brushing some off my bathroom counter, and with NO MOISTURE in my towel, my counter now has a slight brown tinge.  Plus, my hands are stained, after pressing them for my MAC shadow palettes.  That said, I’ll just take a little more care from here on out. I am still really in love with these. After pressing, they were SO easy to work with, and I needed only the barest touch to get some of the more vibrant shades I’ve worked with lately.


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