Blue/teal using Fyrinnae eyeshadow

So, I like the eyes on this, but this look had a lot of stuff go wrong.

First off, I tried to blend it over the Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae. This stuff retains the glitter very well, but on the whole lid, it made it difficult to blend the actual pigment.  My look had streaks/strokes that couldn’t be blended out. So I redid it over Urban Decay Primer Potion, which is a LOT less sticky, and retained less glitter, but made it easier to blend the color.
Also, I do NOT recommend the false lashes I used.  They are slightly too big for my eyes, and that, on top of the stiff band, meant that no trick in my false lash arsenal could make them conform to my eye.  Couldn’t even find a place to trim them down to size.   So now, I have minimal face articulation, and don’t even care for the sparkles on.  Sigh.

But I love the colors in the makeup!


Urban Decay Primer potion

Fyrinnae Blue Whale-outer corner, into crease, lower lashline

Fyrinnae 1.22 gigawatts-lower lid

Fyrinnae Bali Mynah-inner corner

Fyrinnae Robot Takeover-lower lashline, blend with blue whale.

Fyrinnae Japan-tap into VERY outer corner.

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy-highlight

MAC aquadisiac blend above crease

Diorshow mascara

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lashline THINLY

Aply Ardell “Romantic” false lashes over.


MAC Brit Wit


MAC Tender Tryst lip stain

MAC Phlox

blend clear gloss wtih a SMALL amount of MUFE cream in blue for a faint tinted gloss.


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