Back to Basics: Shiseido Face and Body sunscreen SPF 60

With the prevalence of information on sun damage, skin cancer, effects on aging, etc.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain WHY I’m so insistent on sunscreen use, even during the winter.  Particularly with me being a pale girl.  And my skin sensitivities have always been a HUGE hurdle to overcome.  For years, even though I knew I SHOULD wear sunscreen, I preferred to just stay inside and wear it ONLY when I couldn’t avoid it, rather than risk the variety of issue’s it created. Burning, swollen skin, ferocious zits, in grown hairs, infections……

The best “solution” I’d found until recently was watering down a high SPF sunscreen that did cause irritation,  with moisturizer, that didn’t irritate my skin.  And even that still caused some sensitivity issues.  So I was delighted to try Shiseido’s Face and Body sunscreen, and find that it had NONE of those problems!

A little goes a long way—this is a VERY thin sunscreen, and spreads easily. It dries down to a matte finish with none of the oily sunscreen shine.  I’m told that the formula that makes it last 8+ hours is still under patent, and only found in Shiseido, and in some NARS primers.  Either way, it didn’t feel sticky, oily, shiny, and it wore very well.

I love applying makeup over it, and it doubles quite nicely as a facial primer.

I’ve had no irritation from daily use on my sensitive face. Not even a few zits.

At 39$, this IS definitely pricey, but it’s not a bad deal, given the size of the bottle, and how far you can go with even a small amount of it.  I don’t really care for the lid-it seems to pop open too easily, and with the thinness of the product, I wouldn’t want to carry it in my purse.

The biggest drawback I’ve found in it is the smell. It has a very perfumey smell that is not unpleasant, but DOES give me a slight headache.  I have some fragrance sensitivities, and this seems to be the worst sort of musky-spicy-perfume to aggravate them.  The smell lingers for at most, a half an hour. But it’s a half an hour in which I growl and ignore the headache.

Between the excellent wear, the ease of application and the small amount needed, this has become my sunscreen of choice.    If you don’t have sensitive skin, there may be cheaper options.  But for oily/combination/sensitive skin, this really IS the best thing I’ve seen!

After half a year of use, this is STILL my go-to sunscreen.  Still no adverse reactions, my face looks less oily even eight hours after application(I use it as a face primer for daily-wear as well).  Summer is coming up, and I’m hoping this will be the first year of my life that season isn’t spent in and out of bad sunburns,  tender/rash ridden skin from using sunscreen anyways, nasty reactions, and money wasted hoping that THIS new product will be gentler than the last.

I’ve taken to compensating for the fragile packaging by pouring some product into a travel-size container, rather than carrying the original bottle.  I don’t trust a bottle for thicker gels(like Shampoo), but it seems to handle OK in an airtight screw-top jar.   Still, a bit of a hassle, but it’s WORTH it, for such strong sun protection, on my highly-sensitive skin.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tamara
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 11:57:35

    I’m glad you’ve been able to find a sunscreen that works well with your sensitive skin. I may get a sample of this the next time I pass by a Shiseido counter.

    Thanks for the review. :]


    • dolcearia
      Feb 25, 2011 @ 12:02:04

      Good luck with it! That’s what I’m here for. I figured the review could use a bump as we approach spring/summer sunburns. Seems like it’s better to test it when it WON’T be an automatic burn if you don’t like it and scrub it off. A little goes a long way. I got a sample before buying it, and the one little jar lasted me a good few weeks of testing. Only on my face, mind you, but still!


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