Stars Makeup Haven

Unfortunately, I’m not going to do any makeup today.  Applying and removing two different makeup looks plus false lashes, yesterday, seems to have done a number on my skin. My eyes are puffy and sore. I’d rather just let it heal without makeup for a few days, rather than subjecting my skin to all the rubbing, products, removers, etc.  And now’s a good time to catch up!

I’ve actually been meaning to post this for a few days.   I originally found Stars Makeup Haven while searching for empty MAC size pans for pressing pigment into.  THey have those(hooray!) as well as a bunch of other products, including MAC pigment samples, or resales of limited edition items.  That said, I was intrigued by their own line of eyeshadow colors. The reviews I saw said that they were very smooth and pigmented, and once I saw their color variety, I had to try it.  5$ each, how can you go wrong?

Product photos and swatches behind the cut.

Its been a bur in my side for quite a long time, some of the gaps I’ve noticed in MACs color collection.  How can you NOT have a simple matte red eyeshadow?  Or even a shimmery one?  And no, cranberry, and fuschia, do NOT count.  With this in mind,  I ordered Flare for the dramatic(matte true red), and Flaming-o(slightly frosty pumpkin orange) for my first experiment with SMH’s products.

The shipping took longer than I’d like, but was still completely reasona ble. I’m just impatient.  The colors arrived in a little plastic sheet to protect them, but no real pan.  Perfect for shoving a magnet on teh bottom, for the MAC pro palettes.  That said, if you aren’t using them, I’d advise purchasing the quad from SMH, so that you don’t ruin your pretty product!

I’ve used these in a couple of looks this week, and they blend SO smoothly!  The colors are beautifully dense, though the red applied a bit sheerer today.  Obviously, my choice of colors aren’t for daily wear, but for more dramatic/crazy looks. I like choosing reds and oranges to make my eyes pop.  So these have been a dream come true.

The first column is over bare skin, the second is the color over Urban Decays Primer Potion.   I never work without a primer, so  it helps that they work well together.

I look forward to trying more colors from SMH.  I do wish the website had a description of the color, rather than just a picture. My moniter isn’t particularly true to tone, and it can be a hassle trying to pick out what finish it is, from the product photo.

Flare for the Dramatic is a true matte red, slightly blue toned, but not very noticeably.

Flaming-o is a bright pumpkin orange with a slight frosty shimmer. Its not “glittery”.  But it DOES catch the light slightly silvery.

Here they are!

Well there you have it!  I’m not sure that I care for writing reviews, but new products make me happy, and I think this company is a great alternative to MAC, price wise.  Any questions, requests for better swatches or makeup ideas, leave a comment.


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