Summer Watermelon look

So, I did two versions of this. One is just bright and dramatic, the other just has a VERY unrealistic pair of false lashes(Red Cherry EJ 316).

I wanted to include pictures both ways, since its harder to focus on teh colors with the lashes on.

Unfortunately, It was fairly bright, so I’m squinty in a lot of my pictures.  Either way, this was a fun change to do!  Normally, I don’t wear colors this dramatically different.  Some of that has to do with the boyfriends aesthetic preference, some of it just has to do with me being more inspired by shifts and different textures in more “matchy” colors.

I love the bright lipstick though.  Girl About Town NEVER gets old to me.


MAC Stack 1 light pink-apply wet over entire lid

MAC Stack 1 Dark pink-apply wet over lower lid, below crease

MAC Lucky green-crease

Urban DecayAbsinthe-lower lashline,  and crease below Lucky Green

Fyrinnae Bali Mynah-apply over the greens for teal shimmer

MUFE Fuchsia loose powder-apply to inner corner of lower lashline and upper lid, blending a LOT!

MAC Vanilla-highlight

MAC Hothothot-center of lower lid.

MUFE Aquaeyes Black-line waterline

Diorshow mascara

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lashes.


MAC Azalea blossom

MAC Sweetie lipstick- blend into contour, as if it were cream blush

MAC Color base in Pearl-highlight


MAC Girl about town


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