cool toned purple/pink with matching lips

Sigh. I’m iffy on how this came out-but today is fairly uninspiring. Its grey, rainy, I’ve been working all night on stomach pains so bad I can hardly stand, and am still carrying that generally foul mood.  I wanted something fluffy and pretty. I don’t know if this is it or not.
Additional note-I did two layers of my crease color.  One, before blending other colors, and one after, to sharpen the reverse cateye contour at the outer edge.  Both times, i applied wet, patting and stippling to blend it.



Soft Green smoky eye

Straight mossy greens are possibly my least favorite color on myself, though I think they look OK.  it just doesn’t make my green eyes POP like others do, and if I’m going to wear a warmer neutral look, I’d rather it be reddish browns, that bring out the blue.  That said, i love my lips in this look.  THis is the first time I’ve tried using cream blush as a lipstick–and it works GREAT.  I love the color of Brit Wit on my lips.


Metallic blue/turquise

I really liked how this came out.


coral and navy eyes

I don’t really care for how this came out. its been a bad day, and I put makeup on in an attempt to persuade myself that the day wasn’t COMPLETELY wasted.


Amber/red cateye

Sorry for the lack of updates this week.   I had a bad reaction to new acne cream that resulted in most of the skin on my lower cheeks/chin peeling off, and I wanted to give my skin a rest.  I tried one look earlier this week, and my skin was SO mad at me!


I had the idea for this look, but when I sketched it out, I imagined it for an eye proportionally different than mine( less tall, with a bit less lid space, on a longer face)  So i don’t think this really looks like it “works” on my face and eye shape.  And when I wing my liner that far out, I always feel like I look cross eyed.  Heh.  Its just good to be wearing makeup again.  That said, I really need to ease off the mascara on my lower lashes. I like putting a  bit on at the base, to show off the density—-but the length of them is a bit ridiculous with this look!  So yeah. I probably won’t apply mascara all the way to the end of my lower lashes again.    And I really do think it looks better on me to leave the inner corner of the lashlines bare of liner.  Or at least put less on the lower ones.

I doubt I’ll try to experiment any further with this, at least not on myself. I really ought to find more face volunteers. My own bone structure has gotten so boring.


Experimental Deep Red Smoky Eye

I label this Experimental, because I don’t like how it came out.  My hands were shaky, so the blending’s chunky, the eyeliners too thick, there’s WAY more on the lower lashline than I usually wear, and the crease color got taken up too high to look like an echo of a natural shadow.

I love the colors though.


Tiger cateye with Rhinestone accents

So, originally I was going to do this more golden, and have a summer wheat type theme.  The rhinestones are tiny enough though, that I opted to play up the oranges, apply them over the darkened corner of my eye, and make it look reminiscent of tiger stripes.  I have a tendency to go overboard with rhinestones…. I just want to mosaic them into patterns, and apply JUST ONE MORE……. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

I’m decently happy with the results, although the rhinestones aren’t as neat as I’d like.


frosty muted pink and violet eyes

So this look was a bit less intense than I originally planned on wearing today. i decided to do a somewhat more toned down one though, to show off my new mascara a bit better.  It came out pretty, and I do like that I didn’t use any chunky-glitter, like I usually do with purples.  It felt different.


Review-Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara

I love trying new things.  I enjoy the effect of my Diorshow mascara-but I use it in Chestnut Brown.  With my coloring, its lovely for neutral looks, but I wanted to get a new, opaque black for use with all my brights!

I’ve always been a bit of the opinion that mascara is the LAST thing you should hold back on.  Considering that it may well be the most versatile makeup product you own…

I wanted something completely different than the brush of the Diorshow, to play around.  And so, I was recommended the  Exceptionnel.  I am still learning the easiest way to apply it-the brush has a central layer of short, dense bristles, and longer lines of combs.  You can angle it to apply the mascara with the short bristles, and then comb it to separate, or you can twist the applicator while applying.  Thats a little harder with my hands, but the results are pretty gorgeous!  This does curl the lashes a bit, applying it that way, but I would still curl them separately for a more dramatic effect.

You can kind of see the brush design here.


matte neutral with contoured eyeliner

I almost decided to skip makeup today, but threw some on for an impromptu visit with the boyfriends mom.  I used a slightly heavier liner than I usually do for my neutrals, keeping it dense at both inner and outer corners of the eye. I do like the effect though.  And the makeup itself was EASY-I was done in maybe ten minutes!  The soft coral lips were sort of an afterhtought. At first, I thought I wanted something brighter, but I changed my mind halfway through, blotted the dark color off, and blended it out with my favorite nude pink.


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