Costume “alice in wonderland” inspired makeup

So, being the antisocial little animal-lady I am, its rare for me to go out.  The new Alice in Wonderland movie seemed like a good excuse to get out of the house, and on a real “date”.  I enjoy Tim Burtons films, though I wouldn’t call them genious, or particularly awesome.  This one really wasn’t.  But I enjoyed putting together a costume for it. I wore a victorian-style vintage Gunne Sachs dress, curled my hair with hot rollers, and did my makeup loosely inspired by the color tones of the original Alice, and the contours of the Mad Hatters makeup design in the new one.

Pictures aren’t great-its still night here, so good lighting is fairly tough to come by.  Also, I’m writing this in more depth, tutorial style, because it is a bit more complex than the usual product lists I write.

Questions, issues recreating it, leave a comment.

First, we do the bulk of the eyes. Apply MUFE cream, in White, to the lower lid, blending up into crease.  Over that, apply Fyrinnae Robot Takover to the outer corner, and crease.  Starting in the inner tear ducts, sweeping out to crease, blending slightly above Robot Takeover, apply Urban Decay Gunmetal.  Highlight with MAC Vanilla, and brush over lower lid to set white cream, and BLEND with crease.  Line eyes with Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette.  Apply Red Cherry Lashes 307 GR to upper lashline, curling to blend with natural lashes.  Apply Diorshow mascara to further blend them.

Prime skin with MUFE primer(I use Blue) Put moisturizer on lips, to let it soak in.  Mix foundation(I used MAC studiofix NC15), with a bit of MUFE white cream for a slightly paler tint, dotting cream on highlight points(nose, cheeks,forehead)  Set with MUFE HD finishing powder.

Now, we finish the eyes.  Using a small brush(i used a lip brush), dot MUFE aqua, and fuchsia creams along lower lashline, alternating colors. I just did one color, leaving spaces, and then the other color in between the first one.  Tap Fyrinnae 1.22 Gigawatts over aqua cream, and SMH Flare for the dramatic over fuchsia, to set, and slightly alter the color.   Brush mascara onto lower lashes, and  heavily line waterline with MUFE aqua eyes liner in Black.

Next, we finish the lips.  Use your black eyeliner to line them.  LIGHTLY blend MAC Cyber lipstick in immediately below liner.  Tap a little MUFE white cream into the center of the lips.  Apply MAC desire lipstick to blend Cyber and the white, and give a berry sheen.

Rub an amount of MAC Desire lipstick onto your hand. This will be used as a cream blush for your cheeks.  I got a fairly harsh line for the blush by putting a paper down my cheekbones, brushing the blush on off my hand in circular motions, removing the paper, and LIGHTLY blending it to soften the line a bit.  Blend a little more MUFE HD finishing powder over top to set blush. I also patted it onto lips to help set the contrasts. You’ll see in the picture that my lips appear fairly dry-this is why.


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