subtle blue/violet look for blue eyes

So, I designed this look without myself in mind.  Following my post-fyrinnae pressing frenzy, I pressed pans of several of my loose shadows, but had more product in the containers left over. Obviously, its more product than I will ever use.  So I gave it to a friend with the clearest blue eyes I’ve seen.  We had a discussion in which I probably sounded half crazy talking about how to balance blue eyeshadow on blue eyes, with no visual aids.  This look resulted from my musings, knowing some of the makeup she owns. I tried to pick colors she already had for it.

Anyways, my eyes aren’t “true” blue, and this look brought out the green in them a bit.  I don’t know how to photoshop them blue to show the intended effect.  At any rate-if you have blue eyes, and normally don’t wear blue shadow but would like to try it, I recommend using a contrasting color to balance it out.  If you have a deep navy in the crease, try a warmer purple or neutral bronzes on the main lid.  If you have a deep purple, bronze, etc. in the crease, try using a touch of blue on the corners of the lower lid, adn a paler one in the center.  Also, look for blues that have other undertones to them, such as teal-blues, blue-violets, periwinkle, etc.  Pure blue will drown, but using ones that can play up a different color will help it to not detract from the natural color.(in my experience anyways…)

In this case, I used a warmer purple, with gold sparkle, in the crease,  true blue with a slight sheen on the lower lid, and set that off with a blue with gold/teal tones in the corners

Update-there are definitely perks to dating a guy studying Graphic Design and Photomanipulation.  It took the man about 15 minutes to walk me through changing my eye color. I still don’t think I could do it on my own, but here is an approximation of how this look would/should set off blue eyes.


Urban Decay Primer POtion

MAC traxx-crease

MAC Moons reflection-center of lower lid

Bare Minerals Azure-apply wet to inner and outer corners of lid, blend with Moons Reflection

Bare Minerals Nude Beach-highlight.

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero-lower waterline

Fyrinnae Robot Takeover-smudge along outer corner of lower lashline

Bare Minerals True Gold-smudge along inner corner of lower lashline, blending into Robot Takeover

Diorshow mascara

Buxom Lashliner in leatherette- line upper lash line thinly

Too Faced glitter eyeliner in Smurf You-line upper lid THINLY


MAC Azalia blossom


Urban Decay Lip Stain in Envy

MAC Phlox lipstick


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