Review-Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara

I love trying new things.  I enjoy the effect of my Diorshow mascara-but I use it in Chestnut Brown.  With my coloring, its lovely for neutral looks, but I wanted to get a new, opaque black for use with all my brights!

I’ve always been a bit of the opinion that mascara is the LAST thing you should hold back on.  Considering that it may well be the most versatile makeup product you own…

I wanted something completely different than the brush of the Diorshow, to play around.  And so, I was recommended the  Exceptionnel.  I am still learning the easiest way to apply it-the brush has a central layer of short, dense bristles, and longer lines of combs.  You can angle it to apply the mascara with the short bristles, and then comb it to separate, or you can twist the applicator while applying.  Thats a little harder with my hands, but the results are pretty gorgeous!  This does curl the lashes a bit, applying it that way, but I would still curl them separately for a more dramatic effect.

You can kind of see the brush design here.

THe combs definitely separate, and the color, while dark, doesn’t get thick.  Several coats on, and my lashes were gorgeously spiky, and black, while individual hairs looked as fine as they always do.

Plus, with the comb applicator, its REALLY hard to smudge mascara on the rest of your face. The brush hit other parts of the lid several times, without leaving a smudge!

Here’s my lashes before…                                     and after…

The difficulty of handling the brush is definitely something to consider. If you(like me) have tendinitis, arthritis, or hand issues it may be more difficult to apply than a more conventional brush.

Also, the brush design would make me not want to recommend this brush for, say, using after applying false lashes, to blend the curve and color.  The combs REALLY grab onto the hair, and makes it a bit more difficult to deal with the density of false lashes. I’ll probably keep using my smoky brown Diorshow to do that, as the wide brush bristles make it easy to get ALL the lash/false lash hairs at the same time.

This does definitely seem to maintain  fairly natural lashes, though I LOVE that it can be layered!  I don’t know if I’ll repurchase it again, or just get my Diorshow in black. The lovely results are somewhat tempered by the fact that with my bad hands, the application is tricky, for the volume of color I want. I think I might be happier using Exceptionnel as my smokey-brown natural mascara, and using a more conventional black mascara to offset bright eye makeup.


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