vintage gold smoky eye

You know, I didn’t realize it when I posted yesterday, but that last look was my 100th post!  I think we can officially say I have too much time on my hands.

Case in point.  I heard rumors about Sephora offering a discount to beauty insiders on their email list… And started thinking about what I wanted to get(I’ve been so GOOD about not buying new stuff lately!)  And that led to thinking about last seasons lipsticks-the rich plums and reds.  I lvoe those colors that were in between, not especially glossy.  There is something about that color I LOVE(which is a large part of why I bought MACs Party Line.) I tried to replicate it with a few colors I own.

Just in case you’re staring at the illustrations saying “WTF is in the background?!”  Its my bathtub.  I found the best indoor lighting i can get is with all the lights on, sitting in the bathtub so they don’t shine DOWN on me, with my arm angled up, on the side away from the light taking the picture.  Even so, there’s still a few shots with camera shadows. I’m sorry.


MAC painterly Paintpot and Urban Decay Primer POtion-base

Urban Decay half baked-lower lid

Urban Decay Baked-inner and outer corner

urban Decay Smog-crease

Urban Decay twice baked-outer corner

Fyrinnae japan-brush over crease.  Go over with a fluffy brush with no color and brush to diffuse the blue/greens

MAC Nylon-highlight, lower lashline, and blend slightly just off center of lower lid to make eyes appear wider apart

exceptionnel de chanel-mascara

Diorshow-mascara-lower lashes

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lashline and outer corner of lower lashline.  Concentrate color on outer corner, smudging somewhat high.

MUFE Aquaeyes in Black-smudge outer corner of lower waterline, blending with the Lashliner


MAC Gleeful-contour, blending up into cheeks

MAC Well Dressed-apple of cheeks, to diffuse Gleeful somewhat


MAC Cyber-apply, then blot off.  dust a thin layer of powder over to set.

MAC Dubonnet-apply over top for true color.


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