Review:Neutrogena Wave Deep Cleanser

There may or may not be a makeup look coming today. I have not been feeling this well and both yesterday, and today, have had a hard time motivating myself to wear anything!

On a whim, a few weeks back, I decided to buy the Neutrogena Wave, with 2 speeds.  At my overpriced store near work, it was $15.99.  The pads were 7.99 for the replacement pack. There’s a large part of me that wishes I could boil the pads in water to kill germs, and reuse them.  They aren’t designed for that though, and that’s more my own idiosyncrasy about not liking throwing things away.  Still, I’m rather happy with it-before and after photos, behind the cut.

5/1 update at bottom.  The unit officially died.

The device has two speeds, one is gentle for daily cleansing, the other is faster, for deep cleansing pores.  I’ve been using the deep cleansing setting maybe once a week, or on a spot with a problematic zit, but not the whole face.  I’ve been using the cleansing setting daily.  I tried teh Deep Clean twice one week, and after the second session, my skin felt a bit stretched and irritated, so I skipped a day.  I definitely wouldn’t use the harsher setting more than once a week.

Its very relaxing, and I enjoy doing it before I put on my night cream, and has DEFINITELY helped my skin!  I have sensitive, slightly oily skin, and I get some larger zits around my period(Too Much Information, i know!)  Usually, in the week before, and after, I get 3-5 of the larger zits.  After one week of this i had not had even ONE of those.  The grand total is now up to 1 serious blemish, while using the Wave.  This spanned that hormonal cycle, so it was a very pleasant surprise!

My skin feels a little softer, though not drastically.  However, it LOOKS a lot better than it did. The pores aren’t as prominent, and there’s fewer of the swollen little bumps that I get instead of zits. The overall tone is a bit more even.

Compare.  I took this shot in January.  Makeup, no foundation(?!)

some freckles and slightly uneven pigmentation, slight inflammations, no outright acne.

And this is after 3 weeks of using the Wave

Some freckles, uneven pigmentation, but less redness and almost NO inflamed spots!

For the price, I think this was AWESOME.  Eventually I may splurge on the Clarisonic, or a more expensive exfoliator, but I seriously doubt it.  This works so well for the price, and has made my skin less prone to irritation, decreased my acne, and is genuinely relaxing to use!(the original reason I bought it!) I’m waiting to see how long the battery lasts, but it hasn’t died yet!

Update-I haven’t decided whether to replace it.  Today(5/1) it died.  Not  the battery.  IT died.  Changing batteries doesn’t work, it hasn’t been used in a day or two so its not a moisture issue….  The whole thing just died. This seems WAY too soon for it to reasonably do that. I want to see if there’s some kind of warranty, because I absolutely HATE throwaway packaging, adn I don’t want to keep using this if i have to buy a new one every month, plus 8$ per pack of pads(that will usually last a month or so)  For that kind of investment, the price DOES a dd up to the clarisonic very fast(i think the cheaper models of clarisonic start at 120$?), if the clarisonic is made to last longer than this.
My instinct was to bet its a water issue, that it got ruined by water leaking into the mechanics. That STILL sounds defective to me, since hte thing is supposed to be waterproof enough to be “taken in the shower”, and I NEVER ran the product head under water-I wet the pad, attached it, adn washed my face over the sink.  I will try to get them to replace it, and see if a new one lasts longer. I don’t have hopes though, after reading amazon reviews like this, that said others have had the same problem with multiple units.  Too bad. Its an AWESOME product, but seems to have some design issues.

I just took it apart, and it DOES look like a water issue.  After one month of gentle use, not the rigorous moisture its supposed to be OK for, there is STILL water collected in the inner workings.  I’m going to see if air drying it will let it run again, but this is STILL something to be aware of if you are going to be using this product.


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