frosty lemon!

So when I was a teenager, I used to have a lipstick color, icy blue with a LOT of frost.  My dad said I had corpse lips when I wore it.  I wish I still had it.  I ONLY wore it when I was in such a mood that even a polite hello would be seen as an invitation for me to get angry.  After a few minor incidents, people VERY quickly learned that if i was wearing that lipstick, you did not want to EVER talk to me.  Saved me a lot of headaches from getting angry at dumb things.

I sort of feel like that today, so I wanted to do makeup that would be a visual caution sign.  I don’t particularly feel that yellow makeup looks good on me, but the look isn’t really the point.  I used purple lining, and lips, for a bit of contrast, and because it reminded me of the dirty iris’ my grandmother got in her yard when the yellow ones and the purple ones cross pollinated.

The purple lips were a bad idea.  My lips are really bitten and uneven, so the color would NOT apply evenly.  I’ll probably wipe it off, and stick with MAC Hue for a natural lip.


MUFE yellow cream-pat on lower lid for base

MAC Nylon-ALL over lid, and inner corner of lower lashline

MAC Sunny Spot-crease

MAC 100 strokes-lower lashline

MAC Stack 1 pigment dark purple-tap into outer corner lower lashline, and upper lashline(after applying liner)

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Rockstar-line lower waterline

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-THINLY line upper lashes, before patting “liner” color over top.

Exceptionnel de chanel mascara


MAC Prism-contour

NARS Orgasm-blush


MAC Desire

MAC Cyber-line lips, and blend over desire to darken

Side note-I should either figure out what is with my cameras color settings, or get used to editing a LOT of images.  COmpare the edited pics above with this one straight from the camera. UGH! My skin really is NOT that magenta naturally!  Well, its about as pale as it COULD be without being translucent, so it tends to look REALLY yellow, or REALLY red depending on the light reflecting…


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