Fyrinnae review part 2, including lip lustre

Another happy Fyrinnae order!  Ordered the 12th, received the 23rd.  So that was considerably less than their time estimate.  Happy for me!

(this is a rough post that will be updated as I test these with other products and techniques, IE applying foundation and powder to lips, using with other lipsticks, etc.)

I tried six Lip Lustres with this purchase

Acidic Cherry-dark maroon with shimmer

Ryu Pinko-pretty plum toned nude(may well be my favorite “nude lip with definition” color)

Bare Shoulder-pretty brown toned nude

Glitter Kittiez-raspberry pink with gold shimmer

Shangri La-raspberry pink

Ryunome-bright icy blue

So far, Ryu Pinko is my favorite, because i LOVE the color.  I want to experiment with these, layer over lipstick, etc.

I had some issues with the overall formula.  It’s VERY thin.  Like applying Glycerin straight to my lips.  Not really waxy, or creamy, like most lip products I like.  But I expected that… Its described as a stain, on their website, but wears off VERY fast on me. It has been sinking into my lip lines(my lips are almost always dry and chewed), as stains do, but  I have yet to get it to apply without smearing a lot, using the doe foot applicator. I wish to try using a lip brush to smooth it in, after putting a dollop on with the applicator.

Most of the colors, while not really “shimmery” have a sort of frost to them that reflects light.   It can be very pretty on, but on me tended to enhance imperfections(which my lips currently have MANY).  They’re decently pigmented, but its hard getting it to stay in place with the thin consistency.  Glitter Kittiez and Acidic Cherry are the only ones with a true shimmer, and even that is very subtle.  I usually apply a balm before doing my eye makeup, and then removing the excess and applying lipstick.  It seemed to help leaving more of the balm on, and applying over top.

The darker colors, particularly, don’t wear off evenly, so you DEFINITELY want to keep an eye on it.  I’m hoping that pairing these with other lip products will help that.  There will be much more experimentation, because I DO love the colors.

I’m also mildly hopeful that I could fix these into my own lip balm(I’m out of ingredients right now, but i used to make my own chapsticks and glosses)  I think I need to do more research before attempting it, and it would muck with the pigmentation and shelf life.

I bought the sample sizes, so i don’t regret trying these at all!  I love Fyrinnae’s sample pricing!  I still haven’t killed any of my first purchased colors!  The sizing is generous, and still very cheap. The packaging is awesomely sturdy(What?  I’m a clutz?  Everything in my life has to come with rubber pads, or else its broken within a few hours!)

Here’s swatches, and an overview of all my new eyeshadows!  As in my original Fyrinnae review, as I complete looks with these products, I will link them here for easy reference.

UPDATE-eyeshadows and lip lustres are now linked to posts with examples of them in action.

Update on lip lustre experimentation-These can be layered over lipstick but it DOES NOT extend the wear time significantly.  And you still need to smooth richer colors in with a lip brush because its so thin it does NOT apply evenly otherwise.  I like these paired with a different lipstick, or with a hefty coat of lip balm before hand.  But they still don’t strike me as being a particularly standalone formula on their own. They REALLY don’t sink in like other stains i’ve tried, and the texture makes it difficult to wear them for long periods, since they don’t last like lipstick.  It can be difficult to reapply, unless you happen to have that lip brush with you.  So thes probably won’t be the first thing I touch in my purse when I wear makeup out for the day.  But I DO like layering them with lipstick, and all the variations you can do with the colors to blend them into different things.  Eventually, I probably WILL sink them into my own balm or chapstick, since that’s really the form I would prefer.

Acidic Cherry(looking more brown than it really is), Ryu Pinko, Bare Shoulders, Glitter Kittiez, Shangri La, Ryunome

Acidic Cherry, Ryu Pinko, Bare Shoulders

Glitter Kittiez, Shangri La, Ryunome

And my eyeshadows!

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