Review-Cargo Dare to Play eyeshadow palette

The story behind this is a bit of a long story. I was looking for a gift for a friend, loved the colors in this, though its not a particularly day-to-day suitable palette.  But I thought it wouldn’t work as the gift because the colors are NOT for the faint of heart.  Its marketed as kind of an “all in one” type thing, with very easy labeling of product positions, and a variety of well matched shades.

We shall see how embarrassed I am to admit this but…. in the store, I convinced myself that I was going to buy this, for the cream colors that don’t match me.  I convinced myself they’d make an awesome addition to the gift I was planning, and that made it OK to keep the rest for myself, since the stuff I picked out instead was (hopefully) a bit more matched to the woman I was thinking of.  I can’t decide if my boyfriend thought I was insane for arguing that, or if he was just internally laughing fit to burst. Maybe a bit of both, knowing him.

Step 1. Cream bases. There’s a pink based nude with shimmer, a yellow based nude with shimmer, one without shimmer that’s a little darker and yellower.  None of them are really my thing. They’re AWESOME bases, and very pretty on even without shadow over(Apply, and then lightly smudge, with your finger, or a fluffy brush)  The satin-y one is too dark and yellow for my skin, and while both of the shimmery ones match, I don’t use shimmery primers because it accents an irregularity i have on my brow bones.

Step 2.  BRIGHT crease colors. There’s five of these.  THe texture is very soft and buttery-it reminded me of Urban Decays eyeeshadows.  They are VERY beautifully pigmented, and have a bit of a frosty finish.   There’s a Merlot, bronze, dark teal(similar to Urban Decays Flip side, but darker and slightly greener),  a rich periwinkle(leaning slightly more towards purple, though it looks blue in my pictures), and an antique gold(the glitter in this one was a bit chunkier, but nothing unblendable).

Step 3.  Add a shimmery “POP” color.  These are raised shadows, not pressed.  I worry about damaging them.  They are lined up with step 2 in terms of color matching, but  can be mix and matched with the other.  There is a shimmery ballet pink with silver shimmer, a pure silver, a springy pale green, a soft violet with blue and pink shimmer, a peachy-nude with a silvery shimmer.

The finishes on ALL the shadows are gorgeous-love at first sight for me!

That said, they may not be well suited for everyone.  THis is a VERY shimmery palette, so I would not recommend it for mature skintones, or ones with a dry or uneven texture.  I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but shimmer and frost finishes  can call attention to flaws like wrinkles, dry skin, fine lines, etc.  In that vein, all of this makeup is VERY dramatic, and while the bronze and antique gold work well in neutral themes, most of the colors and finishes are suited if you are already accustomed to bright dramatic eye makeup.  Its NOT a color theme for the faint of heart, contrary to the user friendly palette design!

If you aren’t sure if you can pull off brights, and shimmers, I’d skip this.  Its a decent price for a palette of that quality-48$.  but that’s a lot to risk if you aren’t sure of how to make it work for you, or feel self conscious with that much vibrancy.  For those types of makeup users, I’d recommend trying an Urban Decay palette instead-its a little cheaper(36-38$), and a good variety of colors, bright and neutral, that you can get used to first!

Soft shadows like these tend to look the most lovely patted on rather than swiping-swiping can prevent the glitter from sticking fully to primer, and distribute the pigment less evenly.  Try patting them on with a fluffy brush, and LIGHTLY using quick swipes in the final touches on blending.

Overall, this is a nice collection to play with.  I’ll be passing the cream bases on to someone with a tanner skin tone, but the shadows are just my cup of tea!  Eventually, I might get brave and look if its difficult to depot them.  I don’t have  a lot of space, and I abhor makeup that I can’t put in a palette with my other pieces.  The packaging on this was nice, but I feel its better suited to a store display or a demonstration than daily use.  I don’t usually use my makeup with captions.   Plus, you really HAVE to keep the plastic protection insert.  There’s hollows to place the tubes of cream in, but I wouldn’t trust that if you’re carrying it anywhere.  I won’t feel safe with this palette, particularly for the raised shadows, unless the original cover is maintained.  Thats a bit of a drawback to me. I’d rather have a nice smooth packaging with loose parts separated, and all shadows level with the palette to prevent damage.

I doubt anything can be done, depotting wise, for the lighter colors at least, since they’re raised, not(as near as I can tell) in metal pans.  I’m mulling over attaching magnetic sheets to teh exposed spaces and putting other shadows in with them though.  Can you tell I’m an organization freak?

Here’s product photos and swatches!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachel
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 06:01:49

    Thanks for the in depth review! I believe the “pop” colors are on clay bases, so depotting probably wouldn’t work 🙂


    • dolcearia
      Jul 25, 2010 @ 09:04:12

      They are. I probably should update it with this but….

      I lost my temper, and depotted the whole thing. I ended up removing the pop colors, scraping them off the clay base into pans, and pressing them like pigment. I’m SO much happier with it now, and I pressed it lightly enough that it hasn’t changed the overall texture or shimmer of the shadows.
      Takes up SO much less space, is SO much easier to get at when I need it! The biggest drawback is that I forgot to refer to my labeling here, for the two gold/bronze shades that were kind of similar. So now, I’m not entirely sure which is which. I probably should take a closer look, and figure it out, for clarity’s sake.


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