Cool grape smoky eye using Fyrinnae eyeshadows

I liked how this came out.  Today has otherwise been uninspired. I’m entering the worst time of the female month with a vengeance, and the past week has been nonstop crying, pain, spasms, and mood swings.  So it took me three tries with unrelated colors to get something i wanted to complete.

I took pictures in some different lighting to show the shadow texture and shimmer. Its GORGEOUS!  Meercat may be my new favorite purple ever.  I really want to try it with MAC Traxx(Traxx is more deep and eggplanty, but they both have an AWESOME gold shimmer with a rich reddish-purple, so it would be an easy and striking smoky eye)  I do kind of want to try this with a less shimmery highlight color.  You can see my brow bone crease in some of these pictures because wintersky isn’t blended lightly enough to diffuse the  frost.


Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

pat eyeshadows over top with a SLIGHTLY damp brush for best glitter and blending.

Fyrinnae Meercat-all over lid

Fyrinnae Sennyo-inner and outer corner, blending into crease

Fyrinnae Mephisto-lower lashline and outer corner of crease, LIGHTLY

MAC Wintersky-highlight, and corner of inner lower lashline, blend into crease

Buxom  Lashliner in leatherette-LIGHTLY line outer part of upper lid

Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara


MAC Gentle


Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Ryo Pinko-apply over chapstick


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