Review-buxom Lashliner

So I probably will be trying to go back and write reviews for some of my favorite items in my collection.  This review uses Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette(slightly glossy black), and Blue Velvet(navy with navy sparkle, almost has a hint of teal to my eyes)
Technically these are marketed as a “lash treatment”, filled with conditioning natural oils and ingredients, that just coincidentally is used like a gel eyeliner.  They come in a little pot, are VERY moist, and are applied with a brush.

As eyeliners go, these are my FAVORITE

They have an AWESOME texture.  Its very creamy, blends, smudges, builds nicely, without the fear of smudging when you open your eyes, or skipping, or resharpening pencils.  You have SO much control, with teh right brush.  Cateye liner lover?  Just use a thin wedge eyeliner brush, tap it once, and you have the track for your wings.  Filling in as needed is easy, because of the creamy texture. I have yet to notice this skipping, and it NEVER seems to fade, or crease(though it IS difficult to remove)

I’ve been using Leatherette for…. almost a year?  Long enough that I don’t have any close up “before” pictures of my lashes to contrast with the many pictures during its use.  Click any makeup look in this blog, and there’s about a 70% chance that THIS is the eyeliner I used.
I just got Blue Velvet, and LOVE the color. The glitter DOES stick in the brush when applying, so its a more subtle shimmer on the eye, but it can still be built up to be noticeable.

My lashes are naturally pretty nice to begin with.  Before I got hooked on these for their awesome eyeliner qualities, I never particularly noticed my lashes as falling out a lot, or being thin or short.  The biggest problem I have, is that my lashes are all but transparent, without mascara.  So I’m probably not likely to notice much of the conditioning effects, if there are some.

I do feel like my eyelashes don’t break when curling, or removing makeup, and I only rarely lose even one hair.  maybe one from each lash line, a week.  So it does seem to have helped them maintain their strength, in the face of daily hazards.

If your lashes appearance IS  a concern, I’d definitely give it a try. These sell for about 15$ at Sephora,  not 80-120$ like many other lash treatments.  Before you splurge on those, i WOULD try this.  I think it may be a nice cheap fix for minor lash issues.

There are two other colors available, the black equivalent of Blue Velvet, and a rich brown.  I likely won’t buy the brown because its VERY reddish, adn thus isn’t a particularly natural tone for me to wear-I prefer Urban Decay’s Ink for Eyes in Demolition for a brown liner.

But Leatherette and Blue Velvet are WELL worth the money!

Here’s swatches of the colors, and samples of them in action.

This is Blue Velvet from last weeks Springtime Teal look.

And here is leatherette, winged out dramatically for an old Mermaid look.

I do have to admit-I kinda hope they release a rich eggplant-y burgundy next.  Blue Velvet is AWESOME for brightening eyes, and a rich eggplant would be striking for ladies with more brown or green in their eyes.


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