royal blue with aqua and periwinkle tones

Apologies for the facial imperfections and messy brows.

I do like the way the royal blue base peeps through the lighter aqua shadow.  It changes the tones a lot, from the way that shadow has appeared in other looks I’ve done with it.



Muted brown Peacock eye.

I wasn’t thrilled with this, but i did want to do something using the MUFE brown flash cream, before I go getting enamored with the giant order I have coming.

The red lips have more to do with my inherent amusement at the idea of making a peacock look with modest lips.


review: MUFE Flash Cream Palette

I first started working with these a few years back, when I bought the Fuchsia cream to use as a base under their fuchsia diamond powder.

So, a few months back, at a sephora run, I saw the PILE of flash colors I was preparing to buy, and said “This just makes sense to save a bit of money and buy the palette. All these are either in it, or blendable from colors in it”.

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while, but I was daunted to review 12 colors, with multiple uses, and sift through my entries to find as many picture examples as I could to show how I have used them.



Looks may be sparse the next few days. I’m working 12 hours straight tomorrow, which means I’m going to bed very early today, and may be too exhausted to think straight.  That doesn’t mean I can’t be useful though!

Originally, I started this blog to document my own makeup designs.  I wanted to be sure I could repeat them later for myself, or show off ones I thought came out really well, and figure out why they worked.   I didn’t really intend to actively promote it, since I certainly don’t consider myself a “professional” makeup artist or guru(yet!!!)  I reviewed some of my newer purchases as sort of a brainstorming and troubleshooting exercise before using them in practice.   And as a way of noting down if I had issues with products or retailers, or wanted to fix it into my head not to repurchase.

That’s a fairly narrow scope.  I’m not entirely sure how many people regularly check this, or would be interested in it…   So why not ask for feedback?

Who would be interested in it if I focused more on reviews/swatches of my collection, and new additions?  Is there more interest in the looks themselves?  Would anyone be interested in tutorials of anything?  I don’t have a webcam or youtube channel, but I’m happy to do a few step-by-steps with photos, if anyone has questions about a specific one. Do I leave anything out with looks or reviews?  Would it be helpful to try to take pictures of the “sketches” I do to plan out looks, and include them with the posts?

This is DEFINITELY a “for fun” type venture for me, but I’d like to make sure that its accessible for others too.  So if you have any questions, comments, requests, or critiques, I’m happy to hear them, here, or elsewhere on the blog!

Hopefully I’ll be able to come back with something pretty Saturday or Sunday. If not, I’m sure I’ll have some new reviews coming soon(I’m planning a few makeup splurges).   In the meantime, I’ll try to respond to any comments or feedback as I can.

Workaholic weekend, here I come!

pastel rainbow sorbet

So this is not a true rainbow eye, since there’s no true yellows, greens, or really a true blue in it(Blue Whale is more periwinkle)

but I’m happy with how this came out, even if I fudged the lips a wee bit.

Looks like this are a large part of why Fyrinnae has knocked MAC down a spot for my favorite eyeshadows.  Right now, we’re ranked Fyrinnae, MUFE, MAC, Urban Decay.  Fyrinnae gets double bonus points though because its so much cheaper than the others!  So much easier to experiment!


Products that did not like me!(my skincare rants and cosmetic FAILs)

As of 5/27/10

these are products that I have had bad reactions to, or REALLY disliked.  Your mileage may vary.  I’ll update as things catch my attention, or as my feelings on products change(Hey, I can be forgiving when I want to be!)


Review: MAC Paint in Bare Canvas

So I had a difficult time getting good swatch pictures of this, because its very close to my skin tone.  I used it in a look here though

I don’t think that MAC Paint is as famous as MAC Paintpots, which are considered a staple primer for many of the makeup nerds I know. I’ve used Painterly and Bare Study for many looks on  here.  I’ve had my quibbles with both-MAC Paintpots can be a bit dry appearing on the lid, and neither of those colors are my “favorite” colors for priming.  Painterly appears dark on me, almost more of a “dusky rose” color than a “nude”.  Bare Study has a golden shimmer that is pretty, but I don’t like it as an all over lid color because it emphasizes flaws.

See the full post for swatches, including a(fairly bad) comparison with Painterly and Bare Study.


Neutral look with subtle coral/salmon contour

So this isn’t really what I wanted to do today, but since I’m in the process of putting together a review on an eyeshadow primer, I wanted to do a look that wouldn’t overwhelm it.


Rainforest Blue/green

I don’t think there’s anythign special about this, and if I haven’t done this combination already, I’ve probably used 2/3 of the same colors doing similar.  That said, its still pretty.


subtle wine/coral/yellow with red lips

So this might seem like an odd color choice, but its because you can’t see my whole dress.  There’s yellow/orange flower prints towards the bottom, so I did the yellow/coral to match that, and the red to contrast with the overall print. Its loud, but its my sort of happy loud.


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