Products that did not like me!(my skincare rants and cosmetic FAILs)

As of 5/27/10

these are products that I have had bad reactions to, or REALLY disliked.  Your mileage may vary.  I’ll update as things catch my attention, or as my feelings on products change(Hey, I can be forgiving when I want to be!)

Aveda Sensitive Solutions moisturizer—this was my go to moisturizer for around a year before, overnight, I developed a MASSIVE reaction to it. I’m talking EYES SWELLED SHUT OMG I FEEL LIKE BEES ARE ATTACKING MY FACE?!?!?!  I tested it again to make sure this WAS the problem, using small amounts, and a newer bottle(in case it had gone bad), and continued getting reactions.  Straight to the dumpster for you!  Still, nothing soothes the hurt self esteem of my boyfriend looking at me in the morning and cringing from all the visible swelling.

Cetaphil SPF15 facial moisturizer—if I use this after I shower, it STINGS.  Even if I don’t, my skin gets red and puffy and breaks out in infected little zits.

Cetaphil SPF facial sunscreen/moisturizer-I’ve taken to diluting a teeny pump of this in with my daily moisturizer so I can have the spf, but if I use enough to cover my face thinly, I find myself incredibly itchy, and breaking out in ferocious zits that leave red marks for a month.

Urban Decay Eyeshadows-specifically ones with the chunky glittery finish, like Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Midnight Cowboy, Maui Wowie.  Fallout city, impossible to make them look good while preserving the pigmentation of the overall shadow. If i wanted glitter all over my face, I’d SPREAD it all over my face.

Shu Uemura lipgloss-I received this as a sample with a Sephora order, and WHEW!  it smelled/tasted so bad my boyfriend refused to kiss me, and I was queasy.

And lets not discuss the product that literally made all the skin on my face peel off.  I couldn’t wear makeup for a week and the tenderness was so bad I used Olive Oil straight from the kitchen to take out the worst of it! Mental note-if you have all-over facial acne, simply using Clearasil Stayclear Vanishing acne cream over a larger area of your face is NOT the solution. THis is by far the harshest acne product I’ve encountered.

Irish Spring Deoderant Soap, microclean with microbeads.  I am not sure whether to include this, since its technically the boyfriend who purchased and used this.  One wash though, and we had to retire it. It had such an aggressive chemical/perfume smell that i got literally queasy stepping in the same room as him, on top of my usual perfume headache.  Coming in close proximity was NOT an option.  I all but retched when he got close enough to kiss me.

Olay age defying Revitalizing eye gel-So I figure, 23 is getting up there in the years, and I’m starting to notice lines around my eye.  My moisturizer and night cream are LOVELY but i’m afraid to use it too close to my eyes. I’ll just grab an eye cream to try. Olay usually gets decent reviews and is fairly cheap. Why not? Never. Again.  I’ve taken to using it on the lines on my forehead, but eyes are out of the question. My eyes swell, and sting, and the lines get even WORSE with the puffiness!  This sensation lasts for HOURS.

First Aid Beauty Ultra  Repair Cream-i got this as a sample with a Sephora purchase, and thought “well, maybe this will be nice for putting on before work, since I walk around in the freezing cold wind for hours”.  I noticed no real benefits to it, my skin broke out in zits, and my whole face had that stingy-tingly feeling you normally associate with too-strong lip plumpers.

NARS Orgasm blush-this is recommended for pretty much every skin tone, but I’m pale enough that it takes a LOT of work to make it look nice on me.  I’ve used it in many looks here, and the only way i can make it wearable, not ZOMG ORANGE is by applying it, buffing it with a bare brush, until there’s barely any visible product.  And it wears away REALLY fast doing it like that.  I take a picture of it immediately after applying, and by the time I’m done posting it online, its already coming off.

Rimmel translucent pressed powder.  Chalky mess.  Yuck.  No matter what foundation I use this over, or even bare skin, it gives my skin the look of snake scales, clumping in little oily spheroids of chalky ivory BLECH.

NARS eyeshadow-I probably should give the brand more of a chance, but having worked with Night Fairy, i cringe everytime I see a color that looks pretty in the pan.  The worst pigmentation I’ve ever encountered, INCLUDING the cheapy preteen-targeted fake makeup.   It looks SOOOO pretty in pan, but I might as well be using a bare brush for all the color that stays on my lid, even using a sticky primer.

Neutrogena Wave exfoliater.  There’s a full review on this.  I LOVE the product, but i found the marketing VERY disingenuous!  Waterproof! You can take it in the shower!  Yay!  Except that even used over a sink, taking care to keep it out of the water,  it died within a few weeks of purchase because of water getting inside and fouling up the electronics.  I barely ran out of the starter pads for it before it came time to replace it!  If it dies again, I’m just going to scrimp and save till I can get something like the Clarisonic, or look for one with a better warranty.

Urban Decay Lingerie and Galoshes for mascara(Primer, and Waterproofer).  I really wish I hadn’t spent the money on this. I like a lot of Urban Decay products but NOT this one. The primer was so thick, and the brush caught so MUCH of it at a time, that it was nearly impossible to apply mascara over, and it clumped.  The waterproofer clumped, and tended to actually DISOLVE my mascara as I applied it(the white brush came away brown, and my lashes were clumped together, but FAR more transparent than they had been with just a coat of mascara.) I had FAR better wear on my mascara WITHOUT it than I did using one or both of the products.  I think I used this maybe five times, before I said “screw it.”  Its been sitting at the bottom of my cosmetics drawer for about three years since then.  Ouch.

Feel free to argue or disagree with me, I know that these products are made for a reason, so they must work for SOMEBODY…  I’d love to hear about better experiences with these, or recommendations for what I should try next!


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  1. Elizabeth
    May 25, 2010 @ 21:18:41

    It’s a nice change to read a blog post about products that *didn’t* work out. It seems like so many makeup blogs just focus on the ones that were great. (Obviously that’s interesting too, but it’s good to hear both sides!)

    I have also struggled with the fallout from UD eyeshadows. I love using Maui Wowie, but I always have to press it on very gently with a flat brush, and then get rid of all the fallout with a fan brush. And of course I sometimes end up with more glitter on my face later… but I put up with this nonsense because it just brightens the inside of my eyes like no other! ><


    • dolcearia
      May 25, 2010 @ 22:00:41

      See, for eye brightening, I swear my MACs Nylon. It has the white/gold shimmer of maui wowie without the fallout. I rarely use it as much because its SOOOO very pigmented and shimmery that I have to blend it down a bit to get it to not look overly harsh.

      I know its easy to get swept away in details and new products when you blog, particularly when you DO have a steady flow of new products. I think for most of us though, its a substantial enough expense to where even if you just “don’t like it” its still worth knowing and sharing. But especially for me, since I have perfume allergies and sensitive skin, I really wanted to make sure to have it in writing what products had ill effects. It can be hard to keep track, and I’m sure I’ll find more when I actually sift through my older items.

      Sooner or later, I might also put up a list of “things I’d repurchase”, but I still have some older items I want to write formal reviews for. Its just so tedious since I prefer to add links to looks and such, so you can get an idea of what the product is like in use, possible effects, unexpected issues, etc. I’d like to do more of it, but with money being what it is, I still think I’m a bit shy to actually try asking companies for things to try. I’d be very interested in doing more of that, but the pocketbook doesn’t really permit! So in the meantime, I feel like every piece of makeup that falls into my paws has to EARN its right to be there.

      Which would probably be better if it didn’t involve making the boyfriend tag along for hours to watch me put things on my wrist, brainstorm, budget, glower, walk away, come back, brainstorm, budget, glower, buy it, and then wake up a week later breaking out from it! Its quite the whirlwind cycle!


      • Elizabeth
        May 25, 2010 @ 22:10:01

        I should definitely try Nylon sometime then!

        And yeah, I rarely end up with things I truly dislike either, because I also go through the same whirlwind shopping cycle of death! 😛 But I supposed that’s a good thing!

  2. dolcearia
    May 25, 2010 @ 22:35:28

    Eh, better to be too finicky, i guess! I can’t see it as a bad thing. Definitely let me know what you think of Nylon though! It really is what Maui Wowie wants to be when it grows up.


  3. thecandiedmango
    May 27, 2010 @ 15:16:34

    It’s crazy that one person has so many skin sensitivities–I can’t even imagine having to deal with that! I hope you have better luck as far as skin products go.
    Urban Decay shadows: the only thing that Urban Decay does right, IMO, is eyeliner. They have some nice eyeshadows, but too many of them are glitterorgies.


    • dolcearia
      May 27, 2010 @ 15:46:51

      I have some UD shadows that are the most lovely, awesome colors, and the texture can be SO lovely. But yes, the glitterorgies are a headache. I really have to seriously swatch UD products to decide if its usable for me.

      I’m sure the skincare thing comes down to just ONE ingredient, or maybe a few, if I just knew what they were! I would loveto compile some sort of cosmetic database, listing what ingredients are in what, so that you could just search the ingredient or the product, adn view others with similar ingredients. I don’t have the technical knowhow to do something like that though, htough it would be useful as anything!

      Fairly soon, I might get the urge to do a post on skincare that DOESN”T give me those reactions! I mean, most sunscreens do it, a lot of cheap moisturizers…. But i am in love with my cheap acne scrub, and my 50$ Night cream! So there ARE products that work, its just a dilemma finding them without spending a fortune. Fairly soon, I think I’ll try Clinique’s moisturizers-I’ve heard the brand is LOVELY on sensitive skin.


  4. xxMarcyxx
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 21:13:03

    This is a great post very informative thanks for your share


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