Review: MAC Paint in Bare Canvas

So I had a difficult time getting good swatch pictures of this, because its very close to my skin tone.  I used it in a look here though

I don’t think that MAC Paint is as famous as MAC Paintpots, which are considered a staple primer for many of the makeup nerds I know. I’ve used Painterly and Bare Study for many looks on  here.  I’ve had my quibbles with both-MAC Paintpots can be a bit dry appearing on the lid, and neither of those colors are my “favorite” colors for priming.  Painterly appears dark on me, almost more of a “dusky rose” color than a “nude”.  Bare Study has a golden shimmer that is pretty, but I don’t like it as an all over lid color because it emphasizes flaws.

See the full post for swatches, including a(fairly bad) comparison with Painterly and Bare Study.

Bare Canvas goes on paler than Painterly, with just a touch more shimmer.  It has considerably LESS shimmer though, than Bare Study.  It is also a bit pinker than bare study, though it still appears to be fairly neutral to my eyes.  I’m sure with certain shadows it would be lovely on particularly warm toned ladies.  Definitely pale ladies regardless though, as it might give an overly harsh highlight to anything darker than, maybe NC or NW 25(for reference, I wear NC 15.)

It comes in a tube, similar to professional watercolors, or oil paints. THis is a blessing, and a curse.  I think that its a cute packaging for it, but its not terribly utilitarian. We aren’t talking your toothpaste tube, where you squeeze it, and air can fill back in when you let go.  This tube is airtight, which keeps the product fresh longer than paintpots that are exposed to air, but it ALSO means if you squeeze out too much product, you can’t put it back.  Since only a teeny bit is really needed on the eyes, I found I had enough to do both eyes, AND a swatch on my hand with the tiny squeeze I started with.

It spreads best with fingers, but you can also use a soft brush.  I think the heat was what made the difference, so I still patted the color in with my fingers to get it as even as I like. It does dry down, and acts about the same as paintpots for priming lids.  I’d say its best for neutral looks, but I wouldn’t use it alone for bright ones.  I do love this color though, and its a lovely option for those of us too pale for the standard eye primer colors.

From Left to Right-Bare study Paintpot, Painterly Paintpot, Bare Canvas Paint

The color differences(other than shimmer) don’t show up that well in pictures, unfortunately.  I may try to get better ones later, because they all blend with my skin to an unfortunate degree.


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