review: MUFE Flash Cream Palette

I first started working with these a few years back, when I bought the Fuchsia cream to use as a base under their fuchsia diamond powder.

So, a few months back, at a sephora run, I saw the PILE of flash colors I was preparing to buy, and said “This just makes sense to save a bit of money and buy the palette. All these are either in it, or blendable from colors in it”.

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while, but I was daunted to review 12 colors, with multiple uses, and sift through my entries to find as many picture examples as I could to show how I have used them.

First thing to remember about these is—-THEY CAN NOT BE USED ON THEIR OWN on eyes.  The consistency is really more like that of a thick lipstick, or greasepaint. You need a good thick coat of shadow overtop or you’ll have very odd creasing. I haven’t had luck setting these with translucent powder, but they work nicely under shadow.  Some colors can be used on lips and cheeks, some colors are intended for those, and NOT for eyes. There’s a little label on the bottom of the actual palette that has that information, which is nice since I usually misplace inserts and such.

At the same time, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it, and I’m certain I’ve used colors on parts they aren’t technically OK’d for use on, without noticing any untoward reactions.  Following the label, the Red, Coral, and Fuchsia, are not for use on the eyes.  The Silver, White, and royal blue are not OK’d for use on lips.

These are NOT every day colors, and I’ve gotten mixed use out of them.  The pigmentation on ALL is very rich.  Applying CAN be tricky though. They’re thick enough to respond to warmth very well. I prefer to use my finger, for that reason. But fingers are imprecise, and not terribly sanitary. If you use a brush, be prepared to use a LOT of strokes against the skin before the product on the brush warms up enough to spread evenly.

These WILL stain the skin a bit, so be aware that even with a good remover, you may have ghosts of color visible for a while.

I’d be careful handling the packaging-its fairly sturdy, and made to be carried around if needed. There’s two little plastic nicks on the side to set it evenly, but if you hurry and force it on, it CAN get cracked.  I handle mine with a great deal of care, but I have yet to see a “tester” in store that HASN”T been cracked, dented, etc.  For the price, and the amount of use you get for the colors, you don’t want cracks exposing  it to more air and drying it out faster.

These are the colors, with links to a few of the looks I’ve used them on!

Black-I’ve used this once or twice, on experiments.  It works well as a base for lighter colors with a duochrome or shimmer.  Its a bit darker and harsher than I usually would use for a smoky eye though.  I get more use of this on my lips.

Brown-I’ve gotten surprisingly little use out of this color, but that’s totally because of my personal preference not using browns very often.  When I do use them, I usually don’t need a base this dark.

Yellow-I have never had the urge to use this on lips, and i don’t use it as often as I probably should.  Its a GREAT primer for yellows, greens, oranges, corals….  It can be pretty versatile if you put your mind to it.

Leaf green–  This works well under blues, greens, but if you want to apply lighter colors like yellows, you’ll want a shadow with a LOT of pigmentation to show through the color.

Fuchsia-My first and favorite color ever.  BRIGHT fuchsia, slightly more blue toned than the shadow I usually pair it with.  Nice on eyes(though the label says it should not be used there), or lips.  Works well blended with gloss.  CAN be used with corals, or warmer tones.

Royal Blue-I don’t know WHY there’s been hardly any looks using this.  I know I blend it with clear gloss for a slightly darker tone on lips(though the label says it should not be used on them).   And it is REALLY rich and lovely!  This, and the aqua, I wish I could set on the eyes, so I could wear them on their own.

Aqua-BRIGHT light aqua. I have yet to find a shadow that can go over top to truly match this color.  Its absolutely LOVELY.

Red-Pure, blue based red.  Its pretty on lips and works well blended with glosses.  I also use it on my eyes, though its not approved for it.

Coral-This is really pretty, blended with lip glosses, or over lip sticks for contour.  its a VERY bright, pure coral.  Maybe even closer to a peach tone. There’s not a huge amount of pink in it, so for use on lips, you may choose to blend it with a pink or reddish tone.  I love it on the eyes, though I’m not technically supposed to use it on them.

White-This works well either for blending with other colors, or using as its own base for stage makeup looks.  I also sometimes mix it with my foundation, when I’m doing a costume look that requires a somewhat more masklike skin tone.I don’t believe i’ve ever tried mixing it in a lip gloss. Which is good, since it is NOT OK’d for use on the lips

Gold-This is a VERY yellow gold.  I don’t use it as much as I ought for that reason.  Its harder to make strong yellow golds work on my skin.  But this is VERY versatile-I blend it with lip gloss for a touch of warm shimmer, or under warm eye looks for a shimmery finish.

Silver-this works BEAUTIFULLY under bright matte shadows for a sparkly finish.  It can also be blended with lipgloss, though I’d be sparing because the lightness CAN affect the lipstick color its paired with if its too thick.  The label also states that it is not lip safe.  I probably should pay more attention to that.

Here’s photos, and swatches!


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