(very) experimental impressionist eye

Does anyone even WANT the product list for this?  I can tell you now, you WON”T want to replicate it.  I like fussy makeup, and even I wanted to throw up my hands and yell at it.

Say it with me.  NEVER AGAIN.

Really though, I guess the eyes came out about how I envisioned them.  See?

Side note-if anyone likes seeing the sketches, for looks that I’ve made them in advance, please let me know. I’m happy to attach them to new looks, or dig them up for old ones.  Most of them have color labels, though this one doesn’t.  Those, of course, may have substitutions for the final look since I sketch these when i don’t have my makeup nearby to actually SEE.  How many darn names do I have memorized?



Experimental Firebird look

Why?  Because I’ve had Stravinsky stuck in my head all night.  Which also explains the flashbacks to one of my old dance teachers lecturing us on classical ballet stage contouring tricks for eyeliner wings.  Obviously, this isn’t even remotely suited for THAT  situation, but I kept a few of the principles and used the color scheme for the song in my head.  I love classical music.


Review: MUFE eyeshadows, shades 9, 149 and 26

I should have written about these a week ago, but I wanted extra time getting used to them.   I’m SO much happier with them than with the MUFE pigments I reviewed last time.  Like the pigments, these shadows are totally matte.  Very well pigmented, and they blend pretty easily.  I’ve already done several looks using these.


Rich poolwater Aqua

Can you tell I’m eager for summer?

Decided to do this for today, instead of sticking with the pink I threw on last night.

This was MY kind of look-finicky, bright, built in LAYERS to have a REALLY subtle color graduation in the blending.  Especially in the inner corner, don’t hesitate to apply it, apply other things, apply it again and soften edges slightly.

Gotta brag.

See?  Isn’t that gorgeous?


Rosy pink porcelain

Sorry for the bad bathroom lighting.  Its around 3 AM here.  I just experimented with my hair, and wanted to do something to balance it, with my makeup.

Edit-additional pictures added, in morning light that shows the colors a wee bit better.


soft cateye with purple lips

Why?  Because I fell in love with Marion Cotillard’s images in Vogue this month.  Love at first sight.  I think I’d do better with an actual purple color, not just one I mixed from scratch.  I’m not thrilled with this, but i can see myself returning to this theme a lot, soon.  Its more quiet than I want right now, but I’m too tired to re-do.  I would like the lips to be more of a vibrant grape purple, rather than a muted goth purple.

If the eyeliner looks weird, its because I’m testing a new brush, and the handle is too long for me to lean into my mirror with. Ugh.  Plus, my lid is STILL slightly pink from yesterdays look.  Stained like no other.

Edit-I like this better. This is how I actually wore it out. I got a lot of compliments. Lips are MUFE Aqua cream in Intense blue, and Fyrinnae Ryunome


gray, violet, and fuchsia

Sigh. I always forget how much I love AC/DC.  SOrry for the bad photos-my camera refuses to focus when the batteries are anything less than full.  Its very annoying.  Its not the end of the world though. This look is fairly sloppy.


subtle red smoky eye

I think after yesterday’s eyesore bright, I made myself crave something comparatively tame!  This glows with shimmer, but other than that, is fairly normal.  If you ignore the amount of beauty restraint rules I’m breaking.  I usually ignore those though.  Yes, i KNOW i used red lips, eyes AND cheeks.  Yes I know I used strong lips and strong eyes.  Yes, I KNOW that’s a crapton of frost, and mascara. And I prefer it that way!

I have issues though, with the density of Nylon in the inner corner.  It REALLY glows.  Even AFTER blending it down. I love this shade, but it can be difficult to control.  I originally used my Buxom lashliner in Sequins, but I have sadly reached the conclusion that sequins is a flop.  The glitter never shows up, and the eyeliner applies streaky as anything, and its hard to get it opaque!  Nothing like Leatherette or Blue Velvet at all!  I’m incredibly disappointed.  So of course, I went over it with Leatherette, and it looks MUCH better. My favorite thing about this look is the lips.  MUFE aqua cream ROCKS as a lipliner!  I spent a good long time attempting to see how many tacky lip marks I could leave on the poor boyfriends face before the lips would fade or smear, and between the MUFE cream, and a matte lipstick, I STILL have classic red lips.  And the man has a stained face. Bwahahaha.

I’m debating whether I’ll recreate this for Independence day.  Its a little vintage, a little dramatic, a little themed(It’s about the closest to a holiday theme you’ll get from me), and it probably wouldn’t earn my TOO many stares from anyone happening to see it.

This look continues my ongoing ode to Star Violet, which sat in my collection for…. two years(?) untouched before I randomly realized how much I like using it. Oh, the joys of a VERY large cosmetics stash!


Experimental cut-crease parrot eye

So, due to laziness, intimidation, and lack of time, I haven’t done any of the cut-crease designs I sketch out.  I think this is my first “true” cut-crease.

I’m VERY happy with how it turned out, even if it DID take forever, due to working slowly, and blending lots of teeny layers to get it smooth.

If something greyish and curvy shows up in the images, its my cats tail.  For some reason, he objected to my presence in his window, and sat on my lap the entire time i was taking pictures, swiping at my headphones cord, and camera.


(very) experimental glittery starry night

Mixed feelings. I need to refine this, and get a glitter OTHER than champagne colored glitter. I also need to be more precise with my wing, and glitter placement, but its been a hard night and my hands were REALLY shaking.


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