Neon citrus eye

Old theme, yes, but I still particularly enjoy my neon-citrus colors.  Once again, apologies for the broken-out skin.  For some reason the blemishes were puffy enough to NOT cover up well today.  Yuck.

This picture is slightly overexposed, but the colors are much tru-er to life than most of the others I could get.  For some reason, the color settings in my camera brought so much orange into the makeup that it lost a lot of its nuance.


Fyrinnae pixie epoxy-base for entire lid

MUFE cream in Coral-base for outer lower lid-leave inner 1/3 blank.

MUFE cream in Yellow-base for inner lower lid. Blend SLIGHTLY with coral.

SMH Flare for the dramatic-crease

SMH Flaming-o-use on outer 1/3 of lower lid, blending up into crease

Fyrinnae Chaotic evil-center lower lid

MAC Sunny Spot-inner corner

Fyrinnae Electro-koi-use LIGHTLY between pink and yellow to soften.

MAC Paradisco-above crease to soften

MAC Vanilla-highlight

Sephora eyeliner in Pearl ivory-lower lashline

Bare Minerals true gold-LIGHTLY pat over pearl eyeliner

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lashline OPAQUELY and lower waterline, smudging outward slightly

Layer Exceptionnel de chanel and diorshow mascaras


NARS Orgasm

MAC Cream color in pearl-highlight

MAC Crosswires

MAC Totally Bang! Superglass


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