Costume Mermaid look

So this is DEFINITELY something that even I would not wear on the street. And I’ve worn some tacky things in public. Still, I wanted to try something a little bit more creative and “out there”.  Plus it has been FOREVER since I used rhinestones in a look.  The only thing more tedious than putting this many rhinestones on is going to be taking them all off, and sorting them back into thier color sections to re-use

This followed a certain order.  Step one. Apply eyeliner to basic curves of the over all shading.  Next, blend the eyeshadows.  Finish the skin, lashes, touch up on the liner.   Then, do the rhinestones. Then, do the lips.


MAC Bare Canvas-primer

Buxom Lashliner in Blue Velvet-rough eyeliner sketch, waterline and final color for lower waterline and lashline.

Fyrinnae pixie Epoxy

MUFE cream in Aqua-apply as base to lower lid, blending up towards crease

Fyrinnae Javan Rhino-lower lid

Fyrinnae Robot takeover-crease

Fyrinnae +20 beautification-inner corner, lower lashline over liner.

Fyrinnae Sleepy Hollow-outer corner into crease

Fyrinnae Cheshire cats grin-LIGHTLY blend above crease to soften

MAC Aquadisiac-blend above Cheshire cat to soften further

MAC Vanilla-highlight

Layer Exceptionnel de chanel and Diorshow mascara

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lashline densely

Sephora eyeliner in Ivory Pearl-color in space between lower lashline eyeliner and lid at corners of eyes.


MAC Well Dressed

MAC Prism-contour

MAC Cream color in pearl-highlight

With a thin eyeshadow brush, brush Urban Decay Stripped at an angle starting at the outer corner of scalp, moving in and down along cheek contour.  Apply rhinestones over top with lash glue, placing them close together along edge of “drips” and further apart as you work out.


MUFE cream in royal blue-base

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Ryunome

Lightly pat a dense brush over top with  Urban Decay Stripped, MAC Freshwater, and Bare Minerals Azure over top for a texture.


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