Is it worth it to buy an expensive eyelash curler?

What makeup obsessive hasn’t asked themselves that?

I’ve used drugstore curlers all my life.  They’re cheap, easy to replace, for the most part serviceable(although I had ONE that had plastic “handles” over the metal that had the adhesive break, and after that, when you pushed too hard, the handle would pull away from the metal and push it into your eye. Ouch)

At any rate, my latest Sephora haul included the Shu Uemura eyelash curler to finally answer the question for myself!

Using my cheap Sally Hansen curler, my lids get pinched, and I find that I repeat it a few times at different angles, to get the lashes in the corners.  I’ve broken lashes before, accidentally applying too much pressure and crimping them in half, where they break soon after.  Simply curling the lashes close to the lashline doesn’t yield a dramatic result.  You have to slowly also crimp it along the length of the lashes.

The Shu curler has a somewhat harsher curve that does all that work reangling it for me!  The downside to that is that, once the lashes begin to fan out, its harder to balance it.  So you put a good curve in close to the lashline, but its harder to do smaller curls up the length with this curler.   With the curve pressed in close though, they really aren’t needed.  And the upper part has a nice crimp all the way around, for ease balancing it against your eyelid.  The pad on my new Shu is a good bit firmer htan the soft silicone that drug store ones use.  Its downright HARD to put “too much” pressure on your lashes and it NEVER left the horrible “right angle lash” over crimp. This is an easy curler to just press once, and call it a day!  Very very quick work!

One thing I don’t really care for about the Shu curler is that, although it comes with one replacement pad, you can’t buy more. You have to totally replace the curler.  I believe drugstore curlers are the same, although I’ve seen the replacement pads for sale by themselves before.  At any rate, for a 20$ eyelash curler, you WANT to milk all the life you can get out of it.  Are they telling me that, after two pads worth of curling, their curler will be squeaky, and decrepit, and needing replacement? Hmmmmmm. That doesn’t sound right.   I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

For some reason, lash curls never stay in my lashes long. The shu DOESN”T fix that problem, although the curl DOES stay slightly longer than other curlers I’ve used.  Who knows, maybe my next splurge will be a heated lash curler and I’ll report if THAT is longer lasting!

I don’t think I’d rave “Its ABSOLUTELY worth it to just spend more on the Shu”  the way I usually advise against drugstore foundations and eyeshadows(they break me out, cause allergic reactions, or are chalky to the point where you’ll spend far more money trying to find a cheap alternative to the expensive product that you KNOW does the job) That said, if you’re currently using a drugstore curler, and getting pinched, getting damage from over-crimping, having a difficult time getting a natural curve, this may be a more user friendly alternative.

Compare results.  The rhinestoned eye was curled with my cheap curler, once close to the lashline, curling up the lash length, and in the corners. The other eye used the Shu, once along closer to the lashline.

See?  The end result isn’t dramatically different.  If you know how to properly use a lash curler well enough to get good results from the cheap ones, that’s good enough. Here’s some pictures of the Shu, and some comparisons with to another curler.

Side by side with my sally hansen(the Shu is on the right)

Sorry for the hand in shot-this angle shows the slightly different curve of the Shu(again on the right) as well as the fanning out at the top, for balance.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. madison hale
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 19:11:18

    I have done this test with myself as well and by far the best eyelash curler I have ever tried is the Hot Lashes heated curler.
    It is a gold curler just like the shu one that comes with its own heater base, seperate piece that heats just the pad in the curler.
    When I curl now I get a better curl and it lasts for me. My lashes actually grow down and when curled I have 5 times bigger eyes.
    Best I have ever tried and not many know of it! I got it at So worth trying as they have a guarantee.
    Best, major rave, ever!


  2. madison hale
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 19:13:28

    P.S. Forgot to say..I love your site! Just love!


  3. dolcearia
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 21:50:38

    My lashes don’t grow DOWN, really… They just are very thick and transparent, and NONE of my hair holds a curl very well. I’ve kind of gotten used to just touching it up if needed, and trying to take care to alternate layers of mascara and trips with the curler. I’ll have to look into the Hot Lashes curler though. I heard the trick about blow drying the curler for a bit so it heats up, but I could NEVER get it so that it was at a temperature that didn’t burn my eyelid trying to curl it! Seems like a curler specially created for that would be MUCH better.

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the site! I have a lot of fun putting things together for it! And it has definitely helped me to make the most of my collection, since its so much more ingrained, all of the potential that different things have, that gets glossed over when you aren’t thinking beyond what you’ll wear THAT DAY.

    Plus, it gives me an excuse to spend money on something other than dresses and shoes. I always need more of those. Heh.


  4. ashley
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 01:33:56

    Love this article and site THANKYOU~!LOVE smokey eyes and curly lashes!
    Makes my eyes look 3 times as big..
    I like makeup and lashes to lasts all day. I tried the Hot Lashes curler and it is my favorite..Hands down…best metal curler is identical to the Shu curler but with heat..curly lashes and concealer with lipstick and I am out the door.
    My super straight lashes stay curly till the next day with this great reviews on Amazon and also saw on the site~ Thanks for all your suggestions..Love this site~! and looking to get married next year..Yea!


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