Review: MUFE Aqua cream color

My pocketbook is still nursing its wounds after this latest sephora splurge.  I’ve been begging myself for a MUFE haul for a while. Its expensive, but they are THE best for matte brights(IMO), and I’ve loved the products of theirs I already own.  Then I heard their Aqua cream shadows were coming out, and I knew that i HAD to buy some!  I bought six, and may go back for more soon.  I love these.

Update-I DID buy more.  Additional reviews are here, and here.

They are very creamy, and spread MUCH better by brush than MUFE’s Flash cream bases. Also, they dry down and don’t move AT ALL.  Even without any shadow over top.  I rubbed the swatches on my arm and barely could tell a difference. I can’t wait to try these for eyeliner!  They layer really well, but I found the best technique for blending them on their own was to blend them AS they dry, with a bare brush.  Otherwise, it just shifts the pigment around somewhat unevenly.  They dry fairly quick so its not very time consuming, and it diffuses the color nicely.

Even after they dry, they provide a nice base for other shadows to adhere to!  The most difficult part about that, is if you want the  cream to show up, and need to blend it over, or with a powder shadow, it can get a bit dodgy.  Really, its better to just layer it thickly where you want, and then do the powders CAREFULLY over top.

I love MUFE’s packaging. Its always clean, utilitarian, but sturdy.  My biggest pet peeve with these, are that they DO  have limitations on their use, that are not labeled on the container itself.  the Fuchsia I purchased was in a cardboard case that stated it was for lips and cheeks, well the other ones said Eyes and cheeks. This would be fine, except that they’;re in the EXACT same container, and that usage note isn’t printed on it. So, its difficult to memorize which ones should go WHERE, when you store them all together.  That disappointed me a bit, after buying their flash cream palette, which list the restrictions on the bottom for easy reference.

Still, I can’t think of one thing I could say to make these better.  Except making them cheaper.  But you really ARE paying for quality with MUFE products.  I’m happy to pay 22$ a color for these, though that may earn me eyerolls from most anyone who knows.

Sample looks displayed have more pictures here, unless another link is specified.

7 fuchsia-Technically, this one says its for Lips and Cheeks.  Here it is on lips.  It has a subtle gold sparkly to it thats LOVELY.  Its slightly lighter than their fuchsia flash cream.  As you can see, it makes mine look a bit dry and papery.

13 warm beige-This is a rich champagne. Its pretty shimmery though, and that makes it look more gold. The color reminds me of MAC’s Bare Study paintpot. But of course its moister, blends easier, and is even MORE shimmery.  The details for my sample look with this are here.

18 purple–Would it be nitpicking to say its LAVENDER not purple?  Very pale, pearly rich, lavender.  Shown here with Fyrinnae’s Meercat and the purples from the Cargo Dare to Play Palette.

20 intense blue-I can’t think of how to describe this color, except to say that its MACS freshwater in cream form.  Its an intense rich blue with a HINT of green in the shimmer, and a somewhat frosty finish.  Its shown here with Urban Decay’s Gunsmoke, MACS Winkle, the blue/purple highlight from Cargo’s Dare to Play Palette, and winged Buxom Lashliner in Blue Leather.

21 turqouise-I am in love with this color.  It has a faint golden pearl, and can be worked with blues, or greens.  The teal elements are definitely more visible, and its darker than MUFE’s Aqua flash cream.  Off the top of my head, it reminds me of Fyrinnae’s Bali Mynah.  Shown here wtih MUFE Green and blue Pure Pigments, and Fyrinnae Leaf.

22 Emerald green-bright, grassy, jungle green.  The frost didn’t strike me as particularly golden, but its definitely NOT a silver shimmer.  I enjoyed this, because I have fewer of these green shades.   Usually everything goes towards mint, or olive, or forest.  But this one has too few blues to be a teal, but isn’t particularly yellowed. And the frost is lovely. Its shown here with MAC Lucky Green, and MAC Sunny Spot.

Here’s product photos, and arm swatches of the bare aqua creams!

Turquoise and Fuchsia

Emerald green and intense blue

warm beige and lavender

Side note—Do you like this review format better?  With the in-use pictures actually in the post, not just linked in after the fact?  I prefer that, to a swatch on the hand that doesn’t really show it in a practical use, but I don’t know if that’s better just left in other posts, and then linked in for if people WANT to see it in practice.


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