bright fuchsia/violet/royal blue

Ah!  Back to normal!  Once more, I am an eyesore, but with a purpose!  I did several new things for this.

#1. I used MUFE cream shadows on lips and cheeks.

#2. I used MUFE Pure Pigments wet(kinda)

#3. I used MUFE Lavender as a base under the brights, not showing through on its own.

My thoughts on the above?  With lip gloss, to counter the papery-dryness, I like the MUFE cream on my lips. THogh I don’t know that it beats out Girl about town.  Also, for my pallow, its a LOT of work to blend the MUFE cream on my cheeks, because its so opaque, adn dries down so fast. That said, it stays PUT.  No randomly fading blushes here.

Wet is DEFINITELY teh best, most opaque application for the pure pigments. I like them much more now.

The lavender is a LOVELY base for these looks, under matte shadows.  My eyes have a lovely sheen to them, and everything blended well. THat said, don’t miss any patches when blending over top, or else you’ll have a random streak of very light shimmer.

I hope to get some editing help from the boyfriend when he gets home. Every time i tried to remove the pink from my skin, it leeched it from the eyes.  FOr the moment, I’ve kept the images as they came from the camera.  The eye colors are closest to reality, but my apologies for the bizarrely over colored skin.  I don’t think the morning lighting is helping at all either.

Eyes-apply ALL shadows with a SLIGHTLY DAMP brush, with the exception of highlight

Urban Decay Primer Potion

MUFE aqua cream shadow in lavender-lower lid

MUFE Pure Pigments No. 16-crease, outer lower lashline

Fyrinnae Parental Advisory-outer corner, into crease

MUFE Pure Pigments No. 14-inner corner, to parental advisory, inner lower lashline

Fyrinnae Optimism-above crease

MAC Vanilla-highlight

Exceptionnel de chanel mascara

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lashline and lower waterline


MUFE Aqua cream color in Fuchsia-apply a streak onto hand, and buff with your blush brush to pick up color.  Apply LIGHTLY to cheeks, buffing to soften

MAC Cream color in Pearl-highlight


MUFE Aqua cream color in Fuchsia-apply with lip brush

MAC Superglass in Fab Frenzy-apply overtop for rich berry finish


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