Review: MUFE Pure Pigments

I’m still assembling my thoughts on these. I LOVE MUFE’s brights, and was psyched to own more of their lovely, bright shadows.  That said, I don’t think I can give them the glowing review I expected.  My local Sephora does not carry these, so I purchased online, sight-unseen.

The pictures I got don’t capture the true color-particularly of the pinkish purple.   Its very odd. I really WANTED to love these right off, and was eager to begin working with them!

These are COMPLETELY matte finish, which I do like working with.  They’re BEAUTIFULLY pigmented….. So why is it so difficult to get them to to a flat, opaque coat?  I tried all of my primers, UDPP, Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, over MUFE Aqua Cream shadows,and still I find myself patting and repatting more in, trying to smooth over the sparse patches.  That, obviously, makes blending a bit more challenging. It can kill the vibrancy really easily.

Applying wet, or with a slightly damp brush, helped a bit. But these were STILL the most finicky products I’ve ever gotten from MUFE.  Couple that with the fact that I only feel like I’ve been able to get pictures of ONE color that look like it….   Ordinarily mattes work well on camera, since the shimmer doesn’t conflict, but for some reason these ones just did NOT look good on camera at all!  That’s a shame since probably most of the market for these colors comes from make up artists.  They look nice in real life, when worked with properly, but on camera most of them wash out.   Not a user friendly product at all.

For some reason, these are sold in varying amounts, for the same price.  My Purple, no. 14, was so tightly packed that i could NOT get product up to use through the sifter. I had to remove it, scrape some up, replace it, and empty the product into the top.  That’s not a bad problem to have, but it WAS nerve wrecking and annoying, trying not to spill any of that expensive pigment.

Here’s my three colors.

No 14(purple). This is somewhere between a fuchsia and a royal purple. There’s a LOT of pink in it-it kind of reminds me of MAC Stars N Rockets, or Fyrinnae  Sennyo, without any glitter or shimmer or duochrome.

No. 16(Blue) This is a RICH sort of royal blue. It reminds me of MAC’s Atlantic blue. Its just slightly paler and “bluer” than MUFE’s Intense Blue aqua cream color.

No. 18(Green) Bright, rich rainforest green.  This is not olive, or hunter, or forest, or lime, or leaf.

And a look done last week, with a few other colors.


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  1. F.y.r.i.n.n.a.e.
    Jun 13, 2010 @ 22:42:34

    Those appear to be pure, or slightly dilluted, Ultramarine Blue, Hydrated Chromium Oxide, and Manganese Violet. You can get these by the pound for about $8-12 each. If you mix them with other shades, such as a pale shimmer, they would work better. The Manganese Violet can be used on lips, too. They’re sold by weight, and the violet is much lighter weight than the others, hence the volume.


    • dolcearia
      Jun 14, 2010 @ 10:16:21

      That makes a lot of sense. It was odd, seeing on my invoice that they were all slightly different weights of pigment. .12, .10 and .08, respectively.

      For the shimmer-do you have anything you recommend mixing with it, or do you mean I should apply shimmery shadow before applying it? Or after? I’m slightly confused, but i really WOULD like to make these work. 19$ a jar, they BETTER work. Hooray for retail markup.

      Working with these has definitely made me appreciate my Fyrinnae more! It’s SOOOO much more difficult to blend these evenly!


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