retroactive emergency redo!

Why did no one tell me that in so many of my recent posts, it looks like I’m underwater?

As near as I can figure it, this is what happened.  I have bad luck with computers.  My monitor is SEVERAL YEARS old.  It died once before, I got a new monitor, that died within a year, and since this one had started working again, it worked out!  After all, its easy to spend money on makeup here or there, its difficult to spend money on a whole ne computer though its desperately needed.

So I take pictures, they look fine on camera. I put them on my monitor, and it looks disgustingly fuchsia, or yellow. I edit it to make them look normal, for my screwed up monitor, and months later, visit the blog from the boyfriends computer and find that all of the ones I thought looked awful look NORMAL, and the ones that I tediously individually edited all look like I’m underwater.

Epic fail.

I’ll have to go reupload as many of those edited images  as I can, in their ORIGINAL files.  This will be time consuming, and will NOT get done tonight. I give myself about a week, and I still may not find a few of the ones from further back.  So PLEASE, if you see any images that look bizarrely colored, please contact me to bring them to my attention.

Thanks! I think I’ll go hide under the bed in embarrassment now!


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