fruity candy eye

This is much more to my tastes, although I’m not sure I’m thrilled with the end result. It makes me think of bubblegum(yuck), artificially flavored strawberry taffy(yuck) and grape cool aid. And the lips are a bit silly. I layered and layered and layered, applying a separate darker color to the upper lip and a paler one to the lower lip for a slight contour…..  Even for me, its a convoluted mess.

May I reiterate how much I LOVE MUFE, particularly their aqua creams?


MAC Bare Canvas

MUFE aqua cream#6, fresh pink-apply to lower lid

MUFE #9(lavender) crease

MUFE #26(fuchsia) outer corner, into crease, inner lower lashline

MAC Sunset B-lower lid, and above crease

Urban Decay Sphinx-above crease\

Fyrinnae Android Angel-outer lower lashline into outer corner of upper lid

Buxom Lashliner in Sequins-line upper lashline and lower waterline

MAC Vanilla-highlight

Layer Diorshow and Exceptionnel De Chanel mascaras, for extra dramatic lashes.


MUFE Aqua Cream #6

MAC Cream color in Pearl-highlight


MUFE aqua cream color #6

MAC Sweetie-bottom lip

MAC Raddichio-top lip

MAC Superglass in Totally Bang!


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