Experimental Overgrown smoky eye

Eh, just mucking about, loving my MUFE aqua creams, and playing with some of the new shadows the handsome boyfriend bought for my (early)birthday.  The detailing is a pretty design, but could(and should) be cleaner. I just haven’t gotten the chance to go pick up some good quality brushes for it. I’m afraid I don’t trust my ceramic brushes for my face, even after washing, and would prefer to just buy new ones.   Until I do that, these designs will continue to be slightly uneven and chunky.  Oh, the tragedy!  Plus, working with this many mostly matte shadows is still rusty for me, so the blending looks a bit chunky.  Not that it really shows in the pictures.

MAC Bare Canvas

Urban Decay Primer Potion

MAC Greensmoky-crease, outer lower lashline

MUFE Pure Pigment No. 18-outer corner into crease

MUFE Eyeshadow #149(yellow-green)-lower lid

Fyrinnae Lief-inner corner

MAC Juxt-LIGHTLY blend above crease to soften, and inner lower lashline

MAC Vanilla-highlight

Exceptionnel de chanel mascara

Buxom Lashliner in Sequins-line lower waterline, and upper lashline

Detailing uses MUFE Aqua Cream color in Emerald.  Using a thin brush, make three tic marks at the outer corner of the eye.  Loosely extend them down and diagonal.  Cross the inner line under the other two lines, and gradually curve them all inward on cheekbone.  Fluff ends out slightly to mimic a leaf, and glue a pale rhinestone in the center of the “leaf”.  Glue dark rhinestones near the lashline, between the “stems”.


MAC Brit wit

MAC Cream Color in Pearl-highlight


MAC Plum Royale lipliner

Fyrinnae Ryu Pinko lip lustre


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