Review: MUFE Aqua cream color, part 2

Another long overdue review I’ve been procrastinating on writing.  I bought more shades, and wanted to get at least a  brief entry up on them.  I may end up writing a separate “how to use” post, if there’s interest, or i get the urge.

My new shades are #9-coral, #8-red, and #6-fresh pink.  MUFE Aqua cream colors are a waterproof, multipurpose product, and(IMO) WELL worth the 22$ per color.

I stand by everything in my original review(additional shades are here), but I also wanted to add additional notes on these, as these colors are more marketed for use on lips and cheeks too, and I did a lot more experimentation with that. All of these are VERY bright, and flat textured-the pearl notes are very subtle.

They work superbly as a cream blush, are very easy to build, and are still VERY  long lasting.  On the lips, I would NOT recommend wearing them alone.  They can be VERY drying when worn that way. I recommend applying them over balm, and topping with other lipsticks or glosses. They REALLY increase the wear of lipstick, or gloss, and you can get almost infinite shades out of them using different colors!

Besides that, with the pigmentation of the tones, the red is really the only one that looks GOOD on the lips, with no other products.  The pink and the coral both look better with even a layer of clear gloss to pull it all together.  Otherwise, the colors are a bit too harsh for everyday wear, with the almost papery look this takes in fine lines with nothing over top.

This really IS a versatile product though, and very well suited to daily wear, on cheeks, or in combination with lip products.  On eyes, its strong, but VERY wearable if you are into those looks(like I am.  Lipstick tones used on the eyes are probably my signature look) Getting used to working with them can be a trick, since they dry relatively fast,  and its easy to have them dry before you have them blended and smoothed as much as you want.  Which is why I’m mulling over how to best put together something on actually WORKING with them, not just a review of the product itself.  Give me time though-its been hectic with a tiring work week, my birthday, and the Fourth of July…..

Here’s pictures of the colors.  Please excuse the morning lighting, bare face, and somewhat rushed application.  These are swatched on lips, to show the color. The links in the descriptions are to sample looks where you can see them in action with other products.

#9-coral-Slightly orangey coral, with a gold sheen.

#8-red—Pure, slightly warm red. It has a very faint sheen to it.

#6-fresh pink-cool, bubble gum pink

And on to swatches!

Pink, red, coral

these are of the containers, in my MUFE tray.

Top row-Aqua cream color in lavender, Fresh Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Coral, Warm beige

Second row-Aqua cream color in Emerald, Turquoise, Intense blue, Pure Pigments in 18, 16, 14, and Star Powder in Fuchsia

Third row-MUFE Flash Cream in Fushia, misc. off-brand cream eyeshadows.


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