Sorcerer’s Apprentice inspired eyes

It’s a long story.  Something to the effect of the boyfriend starting to play Kingdom Hearts with me, a brief cameo with the walking brooms, and an endless loop of Dukas playing in my head(Don’t ask. I once spent an entire SEMESTER studying the orchestration and composition of this song, during my music major days.   What can I say?  I’m a freak for the Russian Romantics? Well, technically Dukas was Parisian.  But it’s more in the style of the Russian Romantics.)

At any rate, against that backdrop, the boyfriend yelled PURPLE, when I insisted he name a color for me to play with today.

And this is the result!  The stars don’t show up as well on camera as they do in person. I’m going to try to edit that, but we’ll see, since I’m a bare beginner at photo manipulation.  The first image before the cut was my first experiment.  It brought it out a BIT, but you’ll see in the others its a minor difference. This is definitely a “better in person” look.

Please ignore the cruddiness of my skin. I have been testing a new formula of foundation the past few days, and I can safely say I will NOT be buying it.  So very sheer, and it melts off in like… five minutes.  It was mostly off my face by the time I was done touching up the details in my eyes!  ARGH!


MAC Painterly Paintpot

Fyrinnae PIxie Epoxy

MUFE 9-lower lid

Fyrinnae Android angel-crease

Fyrinnae Optimism-above crease

Fyrinnae Mephisto-outer corner

Fyrinnae Kitten in Heels-inner corner

MAC Gesso-highlight

Layer Exceptionnel De Chanel and Diorshow mascara

Buxom Lashliner in Sequins-upper lashline and lower waterline.

Draw stars on with MUFE Silver Flash Cream and an eyeliner brush.  Tap Sally Beauty Supply light purple glitter over top.


MAC Azalia blossom

MAC Cream color in Pearl-highlight


MAC Raddichio

Fyrinnae Shangri La and Acidic Cherry lip lustres


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