Review:MAC Mineralize Satin Liquid Foundation

After a brief period of soul searching as to whether my MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation was REALLY the right color for me(I have NC 15, and it’s STILL slightly too dark, which makes the yellow show up too much on me, even when i use water on my brush to thin it out a touch.  And it’s  the PALEST shade in that line!) I ended up bringing a sample of MAC’s Mineralize Satin Liquid Foundation home,in NC 15 as well.

May I say that THIS is why I refuse to buy without testing, for the most part?

These were the reasons I used to think it might be a good thing to try-

It’s a good bit paler its NC 15 counterpart in the other formulas.  I’m not sure WHY the same color names vary tones  so widely across formula.  The NW 15 studio fix was FAR darker than even the NC 15 studio fix, which was in turn darker than the NC 15 studio fix….. It was a MESS actually trying to figure out which shade might be marginally pale enough for me!  The finish was supposed to be just SLIGHTLY dewier than my matte foundation, but still suitable for my slightly-oily skin. Also, it has slightly less coverage than the heavier Studio Fix formula.

That was not REMOTELY the case.  Even after setting with powder, my face looked shiny.  Even the boyfriend did a double take at it, when I walked down.  Plus, it was so sheer, it looked like I had NOTHING on.  I mean-I didn’t even have any real flaws I was trying to hide, just the usual soft freckles, and a little redness on my nose.  But I’ve seen tinted moisturizers with better coverage than this foundation.


First  is my face in the Studio fix fluid, for this look Next, is my face in the Mineralize fluid, from this look.

Isn’t that awful?  You can see all my bitty freckles, the slight red bumps on the side of my nose(another lovely byproduct of that formula), and some discoloration under the eyes nearly as clearly as this NEXT picture-which I wore with NO foundation at all!

Here’s a swatch of it on my hand.  You can see a bit of the shiny finish that is NOT “satin”.

So, onward to the formula itself.  It broke me out.  Those little red nubs on my nose? I didn’t get those until after I wore this for a day.  It didn’t break me out as much as some foundations I’ve tried, but it definitely DID cause enough irritation that I would NOT recommend it for regular use.  Sometimes you can make a slightly-off formula work, by blending it into a tinted moisturizer, to dilute it.  This does NOT have the coverage for that, though.  So I’m very happy not to have paid the full 29.59$(if i recall) for this.

For how long this stayed on my face, I might as well has splashed water on my face.  Even setting with powder, most of it melted off my face in the time it took me to finish applying blush and lipstick.  And even MORE of it was gone by the time I walked downstairs, photographed it, and received a stare from the boyfriend.  He recognized it simply as “Ummm, are you finished?  Your skin doesn’t look like you are.”  I attribute that to his intentional lack of makeup vocabulary.   But he was right. If anything, the flaws looked worse, because of the areas that it DID manage to cover.  My forehead, chin, etc. looked nice, and it made the more frequent irregularities on my cheeks more glaring!

Now, if you’re sensitive to fragrances, especially chemical ones, this may not be a workable pick either.  MAC foundation has ALWAYS seemed chemically, and unfinished, in its smell.  Studiofix has a somewhat abrasive smell that somehow reminds me of a new spatula, or possibly tires.  The mineralize fluid isn’t that strong, but it has an odd…. oily…. note to it that actually made me a bit queasy.  It fades after a minute or so on the face, but it’s NOT the most pleasant thing to apply.

I’ve always considered this to be a bit of a weakness in MACs lineup.  The lipsticks are fine, without a strongly chemical fragrance, even the lipglosses aren’t very noticeably chemical tasting or flavored.  But the foundations don’t seem to have had any attempt to cover up the smell, or make them pleasing to apply.  I’ve always overlooked that in the past, because I like the finish, and coverage enough that I’d rather just blend a touch of something slightly better smelling with it, and breathe through my mouth till the smell has dissipated. And I AM more sensitive than most to perfumes, so I would be wary to say that your average consumer would even notice it.

If you have flawless skin that isn’t easily irritated, you might like this foundation.  But how many of us really ARE like that?  I don’t have that much to cover up or even out, and this was still drastically too weak for me!  The finish might be lovely on those of us with drier skin.  Maybe it will even last longer on that skin type!  But I would NOT advise buying this, before taking home a decent size sample, to test and see if that is the case.  Particularly if you have sensitive skin.

For the cost, you may as well spring the extra 10$ for Dior Forever-which wears better, looks better, smells better, and has about as many color options(as near as I can tell.  More, if you’re really pale, like I am.). It’s still a slightly dewier finish than I like on its own, and slightly less coverage than I want, but if those are your needs, I’d recommend Dior Forever SO much more than this!  Dior forever even broke me out marginally less!

For color recommendations, or other options, I’d recommend checking out Temptalia’s foundation matrix.


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