Review: Sephora Foundation brush 51, and angled blush brush 42

I’d recommend checking your local sephora FAST if you need a new foundation brush.  I was just in today, and there was a whole PILE of clearances, including their holiday collection.  The Foundation brush was on sale for 15$, and the blush brush was on sale for 10$.  I’m sure I don’t have to say that regular prices for these babies, or similar, is usually 30-50$ depending on the retailer.

These are both(as near as I can tell) NON synthetic brushes, so they are NOT for the vegan makeup consumer. THey are both good, utilitarian brushes.
I purchased the blush brush with the intent to use it for powder foundation.  The angled edge is VERY handy for getting powder into tight areas, like the side of your nose, or under your eyes. Generally I prefer a totally angled blush brush.  The shape is still perfectly workable though, and there seems to be minimal shedding.  I’d prefer it to be a shade larger though, for a quick blush application, and easier blending.

The foundation brush is very soft, and dense, perfect for liquid foundations.  The angled edge makes it easier to reach crevices in the face, and blend softly.  It is a very functional shape, and I would say the quality is definitely on par with my MAC foundation brush(I’d have to look up the number, as i don’t have it in front of me. Will edit with that). It’s just a nice, functional shape that I find easier to get an even application with.

Here’s pictures of both brushes cases and covers!  I am really happy with these, and even happier to have gotten them at such an awesome price!


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