Review: Benefit Bad Gal mascara

What makeup nerd isn’t obsessed with mascara?  I love playing with it, and looking for new formulas.  Sephora has a 9$ mini of the Benefit Bad Gal mascara, that is a nice way to try this formula.  The biggest drawback to that is that the wand doesn’t have the length of the full one, and can be trickier to maneuver.

For reference, my lashes are naturally reasonably long, thick, and mostly un-pigmented(What pigment there is is a dull reddish brown, most visible at the roots. The length is mostly invisible without mascara). My lower lashes are QUITE long and thick as well. I have had allergies and damage to my hair, in the past, so I try to handle my lashes with that in mind. I wear Buxom Lashliner regularly for conditioning, avoid harsh makeup removers, rarely wear false lashes, and take care to not apply too much pressure curling lashes.

We’ll start with a comparison.  I took the Bare photo, after removing makeup, because you can see that my lashes are still stained, and MUCH more visible than they usually are.  I hope this gives you a better idea of whether the Bad Gal actually IS adding any length or thickness to the lashes.

Lashes bare(left) and with a coat of Bad Gal mascara(right)

So, some thickening, lots of lengthening.

This mascara wears well.  I got about six to eight hours, without any noticeable flaking, smudging, etc.  Right around hour eight, I noticed a faint shadow beneath my eyes-not large flakes of mascara, or runny raccoon eye, just a light dusting of dark powder, where it was coming off. It didn’t appear noticeably different on the lashes itself, and the lower lashline is easy enough to touch up, out and about.

I have a few minor issues with the brush and formula.

Compared to the futuristic bent that so many makeup companies are using on their products nowadays, it was a relief to open the container, and see a conventional mascara brush, like the ones I grew up playing with, rather than some sort of space-age rubbery comb(though I do like using those too!)  My issue’s are these- The brush is bulky, and the tip of the brush collects a LOT of product. If you aren’t careful, that applies RIGHT to the inner lashes, when you angle the brushwrong.  Especially since the brush can be bulky to maneuver(more-so the sample size, rather than the full size.)

I like to layer my mascara.  But anything more than 2 coats of this, and you’ll see moderate amounts of lashes clumping together.  And that might happen sooner if you aren’t watching your application closely. Preferably, applying the second coat before the first is fully set.

This is a good mascara though, for blending natural lashes with applied false lashes, or getting a one coat POP for daily wear.  For my more dramatic looks, I like to layer it with Diorshow mascara, for extra thickening.   Be careful though, if you are the type to prefer compulsive reapplying, or multiple layers.  That technique just won’t do this product any justice!  Even layering with other mascaras can lead to clumping issues, especially if you let it fully dry in between coats.

It doesn’t seem to touch up well, so you want to make sure that you get everything you want in the first coat, or before the first coat has set. You shouldn’t need touch ups anyways, since it’s fairly long wearing.  Be sure to curl your lashes BEFORE applying, so that you aren’t layering too much in to maintain the curl. It holds curls reasonably well, possibly even better than my Diorshow!

It’s a pretty good all purpose mascara, if you don’t need anything too dramatic.  If you think you’re the type to layer it with other mascaras for additional thickening/lengthening/whatever, you may want to pass.  The formula just works better on its own.

The packaging is sturdy enough to be carried around with you(though thankfully, there seem to be fairly few flimsy mascara packages that I can recall.) and is simple plastic, so it won’t show many scratches, fingerprints, etc. from being in a purse.  It feels sturdy, but not HEAVY.

For average lashes, and daily wear, I really do like this.  It’s nice and dark, lengthens well, separates some(in one coat), thickens some, holds curl….  That’s the laundry list, right?  It could do better at all of them, I think, but it does well enough that this is a good option for those would prefer to NOT be buying 2-3 expensive mascaras, to layer for full false lash effect!

Edit-And now, for the cautionary whale.  From today’s look.

I forgot what mascara I was using and did three coats of this, thinking to separate the clumps out and thicken. My lashes look like blow dried barbie doll hair.  helloooo clumping!  maybe I could dreadlock my lashes with this stuff.  Scary thought.


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