Review: Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion

For the sake of silliness, my cat Mitzi is modeling it.  Actually, it’s more because he usurped my usual photography window spot, and I felt too bad to make him move.

Usual disclaimer about my skin type/preferences.

I have PALE(paler than MAC NC15) skin, with some freckles/uneven pigmentation. There’s the beginnings of a few fine lines(genetic, I’m fairly sure) under my eyes, and on my forehead, but no real wrinkles or crow feet(since I’m 23.) There’s a fairly minimal amount of under eye bags and coloring. It is slightly oily, gets some hormonal acne/blemishes, though not a lot, and is VERY sensitive to skincare and foundation. I look for allergic reactions, or fragrance allergies when picking out facial products, almost before any other consideration.

This was a recommendation from a coworker, who knows a little of my skin sensitivities.  She’s not really a beauty enthusiast, but she deserves major brownie points for this one! I started on a 1 oz. sample bottle, have been using it for weeks, and am excited to see how long the full bottle lasts!(It’s just over four times as large as my sample!)

I’m very happy with this.  24$ for that wonkin huge bottle! My sample bottle has easily lasted me weeks, if not months.  At night, I mix a dollop with my night  cream, for day, I mix it with a dollop of a sunscreen that otherwise irritates my face.  I anticipate this jar lasting at least 8 months, if not over a year(though I may be too squeamish to use it by then. I get kind of nervous about beauty products aging well…)  The cost really is minimal for the use you can get out of it.

It absorbs fast, a little goes a long way.  But you still have time to spread it evenly.

No zits, or breakouts.  Which is, for me, more or less a miracle.  My skin has just had this… perfect balance.  No dry or chapped patches from my outside exposure, but its not irritated, or overly oily, from over moisturization!

It says it’s supposed to be used for dry, or extremely dry skin.  Mine is slightly oily, and I’ve had NO problems with it creating more issues with the oil balance.  If your skin is VERY oily, you might want to get a sample and try it for a bit first, just to make sure it doesn’t cause you to break out.

I don’t generally fuss very much with my skin.  Obviously, gentle cleansing and makeup removal, a light salicylic scrub for oily skin/clogged pores/hormonal acne, daily sunscreen and moisturizer, is about the extent of my routine. This works VERY well for something that minimal, because it is so very gentle.   And it has cut down on my other skin issues, being able to dilute products that would otherwise be problematic for my allergies, since it is mild enough to use twice a day.

There’s a slight fragrance to it, but its not an unpleasant one, or a chemical one. I have no issues with it, and even my pets seem to like sniffing my face after I apply it. I don’t really understand that, but I’m relieved to not get perfume headaches from it, like I’ve gotten from some other moisturizers and sunscreens.

I’m definitely happy to be done with my experiments in the moisturizer world, at least for the moment.  This is the best one I’ve encountered, and is a decent value besides!  I’m definitely curious to try some of the other skincare products from Clinique.   This one has certainly become a staple in my skincare regimen!


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