Review:Japonesque Touch Up Tube Brush set

my local Beauty First store had this brush set for half off.  Full Price is 19.95.  So that makes it around $9.42?   It’s a good price to me!  This kit has five brushes, and a metallic tube for carrying them in.

Here’s the case

And here’s all of the brushes, including the powder brush

These brushes are described as Foundation, two eye detailors, Blush, and Lip.  If I just look at it and say “this would be best for…” I would say two eyeshadow brushes, a lip brush, a concealer or touch up brush, and a blush brush.

The Blush brush(the big one) is, in my opinion, the weakest link.  The bristles feel like a VERY cheap synthetic and don’t hold product very well.  The shape is too small to be useful for foundation or bronzer, and not shaped well enough to apply blush either.  My use for it is brushing out shadow fallout(I don’t like to use the brush I use for powder foundation or setting powder for that, in case the pigment gets rubbed right back on and smears!  Maybe I’ll use it to apply glitter.  I’ve seen their other blush brushes, and some of the angled ones are happily soft, and good in practice. No clue why they make this brush.The bristles feel like the kind of cheap brush you’d give to a five year old to play with, for her tempera paints.  NOT something a grown person would use on their face.  Plasticky, and stiff….  Ugh.  I itch just thinking about it.

The other brushes are all VERY nice.

There’s a teeny eye brush that’s perfect for sharp crease detailing, lashline, VERY dense application of pigment.  It feels like natural bristles, and is VERY soft.  It has a soft shape, with rounded edges, but is still a fairly flat brush that can do very precise coverage best.

Its companion eye brush is a bit fluffier, though the same natural bristles.  It’s perfect for a softer application, over larger areas.  It still applies a nice amount of product though, and you can get quite opaque looks with it.  It blends other colors nicely.  I have, I think, two others of this same brush as my “all purpose” style.  It is a bit thicker and bigger, still with rounded edges, and a mainly flat profile.

The other two brushes are almost interchangeable.  Both are a nice soft synthetic bristle, very dense, well suited for use with cream products. The differences are mainly in size and shape.  One is just slightly flatter, with rounded edges.  I classify this one as the touch up brush, though it also works well for applying to tight areas, like the eye area, and distributes cream and liquid products pretty well.  The other one, the “lip” brush, is a bit rounder.  It’s fairly easy to get a good precise shape with it, and the bristle texture is perfect for lipsticks and glosses.

All of these have matte plastic handles, and silver ferrules.  They are sturdy, don’t show wear very much, barely shed.  I really dislike the blush brush, but all of the others are very good options for a basic collection, or multipurpose oriented shapes to fill in the gaps between more expensive brushes.  The only ones you’d really need  other than this, are a REAL foundation brush, a brow brush, and an eyeliner brush.

I don’t like the case, with this set. The handles all fit nicely, but it’s hard to close it without catching a few bristles, and bending them out of shape.  I’d use it to transport a smaller amount of brushes for travel, but it’s not balanced well enough to just display the brushes in half of it, during normal use.  Removing the pathetic blush brush, there’s plenty of room for the eye brushes, and possibly a few other eye brushes of your own.  So that’s a plus!

Japonesque brushes are a decent quality, for a pretty low price.   Not all of us can afford only MAC or Sephora quality brushes.  Heck, the only brushes I spend that much on are my foundation, eyeliner, and Kabuki brushes!  All of my other eye brushes are Japonesque, or Posh.  These are versatile, and have fairly effective shapes.  So it’s definitely something to think about, if you need to flesh out your brush collection in between higher quality brand brushes, or are looking for starter sets for beginner/intermediate makeup users.

Hooray for cheap things that actually WORK!?


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