Review: Cover FX powder foundation in E20

In recent days, I think my skin has lost a bit of what color it HAD.  So I’ve more and more felt that my foundation was too dark, and yellow to match properly.  Combine that with its medium-full coverage, and you have me, grumbling about not wanting to LOOK like I’m wearing a mask!

For reference, I have PALE(paler than MAC NC15) skin, with some freckles/uneven pigmentation. There’s the beginnings of a few fine lines(genetic, I’m fairly sure) under my eyes, and on my forehead, but no real wrinkles or crow feet(since I’m 23.) There’s a fairly minimal amount of under eye bags and coloring. It is slightly oily, gets some hormonal acne/blemishes, though not a lot, and is VERY sensitive to skincare and foundation. I look for allergic reactions, or fragrance allergies when picking out facial products, almost before any other consideration.

I tried MAC Mineralize foundation maybe two weeks ago, and was less than thrilled.  My skin was so tender, and had sore infections, after trying to use the full sample!

So I purchased Cover FX Powder Foundation in E20, to have something lighter weight to wear until it recovers.  We can also expect my comments on Cover FX’s liquid foundation, as soon as I feel it won’t make it worse, using another heavy liquid.

I’ve been hearing about CoverFX’s foundations from pretty much everyone I’ve discussed my color difficulties with.  Originally developed for “problem skin”-allergies, sensitivities, dermatological issues and pigmentation problems, scarring or burns, it’s supposed to be a GREAT starting place for people who are paler or darker than the usual spectrum, and need slightly better than usual coverage.

The powder is fairly natural.  You CAN build the coverage, but it never really gets past medium coverage.   So, it is enough coverage for softer freckles, and unevenness, but my birthmarks on my forehead are still visible.  You really want to make sure to use a good concealer, to compensate for the lesser coverage, if you ARE using it in an attempt to avoid irritating blemishes.

The one thing I WILL say, is that a good primer is TANTAMOUNT for this.  Without primer, it is difficult to build coverage, it can look chalky when you try to build coverage more than a few layers.

With primer, it seemed to stay put and wear OK.  Certainly longer than some of the liquids I’ve tried!  And when it DID wear off, it didn’t do it in a particularly noticeable manner.  I didn’t notice any oxidizing, or color changes, with my skin oils.  After eight hours, it has worn out in spots, and some concealed things are showing more, but my skin looks overall even.  It removed easily, with a mild remover, but you want to take care to remove ALL of it. I missed the spot just below my jawbone, and I’ve had zits for three days.

I still prefer more coverage, for actual dramatic makeup wear, and photography purposes.  But I am quite happy to use this for “easy days”, and recovering from reactions. Plus, it is in a nice little compact with mirror, and velvety feeling applicator(though I NEVER use included applicators, for sanitary reasons) so it is MUCH easier to touch up out and about than my usual routine of primer-liquid-powder-blush-buff-touch up.  Usually I just don’t bother. When it leaves my face, it leaves my face.

At first, it appears chalky up close, but after maybe a half an hour on the skin, you notice it melting in a bit more into the skin, into a very natural tint. It may not do this on other skin types than mine.  Or it may melt clean off an oilier face than mine!  I can’t vouch for that.

I’m not  100% on the color.  There’s fewer options in their powder foundation.  E20 is the palest shade offered.  For reference-the liquid I’ll try using soon is E00.  E10 was too dark for me.  So the numbering system doesn’t match up evenly.  This powder is paler than the E10 liquid, but darker and pinker than the E00 liquid.

They don’t separate the undertones to the extent that, say, MAC does.  The E20 powder is fairly neutral, but still veers pink. So that may not work on warmer undertones.  There seemed to be more variety to the color options and undertones once you got past the two or three palest colors.

This one is just slightly pinker than my taste, especially on camera, where it turns paler too.  I definitely feel like my face looks significantly paler and pinker than my body, and am not thrilled with that on-camera discrepancy.

It looks natural enough for daily wear, but I would avoid it for events or occasions where you’ll be photographed.  Between the lighter coverage, and the slight washing out on camera, there are better options elsewhere.

Here’s a full face of myself wearing it recently, using MAC NC 15 foundation as a concealer.

And here is a close up, that can give you an idea of the coverage.  Note the birth mark on my forehead, and a few freckles below my eye.  The freckles on my eyelid are another story.

For color recommendations, or other options, I’d recommend checking out Temptalia’s foundation matrix.


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